Georgina Wilson Opens Up About Son Archie Going Viral On Social Media

Does Georgina Wilson’s sons know she is a celebrity?

Georgina Wilson knows that her sons being exposed to the public eye is not something that all parents have to deal with.

That’s why when she was asked about her son Archie’s viral adobo video, she says, “It’s such an interesting question.”

For those who don’t remember, in February 2019, Wilson posted a video of Archie crying and asking for adobo. She even wrote in the caption, “Arch is such a mood.” The video went viral, with Wilson’s followers gushing over her adorable son.

Four years later after that video, how is Archie?

Wilson shares, “I actually think he got really shy after watching it! Like, people started screaming at him on the street like ‘Adobo Boy,’ and then na-shock siya and he was ‘Mama, I’m so takot to adobo.’ And I just think he meant like, imagine a kid [and] everyone’s saying his name!”

But admittedly, Wilson has started to become more careful with what she posts online, especially if it’s about her kids.

She continues, “Now, I’m very choiceful about what I put online, like I really try. Sometimes it’s just so cute, I want to post them, but I try and keep as much private as I can.”

Wilson spoke to FreebieMNL and select media after the Q&A proper of Promil’s Gifted Together event at Shangri-La, The Fort Manila, Taguig City on January 26, 2023.

Archie sees mom Georgina Wilson on YouTube

Wilson does not allow Archie to watch YouTube on his own. But there are times when he’s able to sneak out. And much to his surprise, he would see his mom on the screen! Apparently, it was Wilson’s ad for Promil, where she talks about her second child, Alfie.

The celebrity mom recalls, “It’s really funny because I don’t allow Archie to watch YouTube alone, like I have to be there. And then, he’s so crafty, [he] finds someone’s phone, whatever, and then he watches.

“Whatever he’s watching, Promil ad comes up and [he says] ‘Mama, I saw you! You were in the phone!’ And I was like, ‘Hmm, what are you watching!’

“[He would say,] ‘You were just talking about Alfie’s brain!’ I said, ‘Don’t worry, Archie, I also talked about your brain before. You were just small then!’

“That’s how I make him huli e, because he sees the ads. So, I guess for him, I don’t know what he knows or thinks about being online, going viral, but I try as much as possible to give them as normal as a childhood as possible. I mean, sometimes, they just say the really cute stuff and magiging viral so wala akong magawa. But I love that video!”

Archie’s reaction to having a celebrity mom

But the question is: Does Archie know Georgina Wilson as a celebrity?

She answers with a smile, “No.”

Wilson then narrates something that happened earlier that day. “It’s funny, like today, ‘Mom, why do you look like that?’ They’re not used to me looking dolled up and stuff.

“But they’re very aware that I have work, I run a business. I think the celebrity stuff, we never talked about it but they’re just used to [it] in the Philippines, people are saying hi to me and in Hong Kong. They just think every Filipino knows me but they don’t know why.”

Will she allow her kids to join showbiz?

Wilson answers, “Honestly, whatever they want to do basta they finish school. I had the best years of my life in school, so I just want to make sure that they enjoy it also. They can do naman part time kung gusto nila.”

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