Heart Evangelista Talks About Lessons From Marriage With Chiz Escudero

Heart and Chiz’s relationship has stayed still and strong!

After being married for eight years and having experienced their challenging moments, Kapuso actress Heart Evangelista continues to speak lovingly about husband Sen. Chiz Escudero, whom she considers her favorite leading man. 

In an interview at GMA Network’s Fast Talk with Boy Abunda last May 12, Evangelista shared the best advice she received from her husband: “Everything is fleeting.”

Heart Evangelista
PHOTO: iamhearte on Instagram

“There’s always going to be somebody smarter, prettier, more famous, somebody who’s willing to do more. And so really, what stays is your mind, your heart, and your soul. So you have to hold on to the things that matter,” she explained.

This helped change her perspective in life, as she was encouraged to work hard and take advantage of the opportunities she now has as an influencer. 

“I’m so done being heartbroken about my first love which is showbiz,” she added.

While her husband has influenced her views, Heart also shared how she served as an inspiration to him, especially when they were starting as a couple. 

“In the beginning, siguro because I was younger I would be more of an inspiration. I was a break from all of the serious stuff.” 

But considering the luxury fashion icon that she has become, Heart clarified that she does not force her husband to also be fashionable. If her followers see Sen. Chiz wearing stylish outfits, it’s all because he was simply inspired by seeing her dress up in a certain way. 

So for Heart, her marriage with Sen. Chiz is “really just meeting in the middle.” 

Heart Evangelista
PHOTO: iamhearte on Instagram

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Unconditional and supportive love

Looking back at the beginning of the couple’s relationship, the biggest conflict they probably encountered then was the disapproval of Heart’s parents against Sen. Chiz.

Heart admitted that it was only recently that she was able to fully understand the things her parents did to protect her in the past. It was because of “a mother’s love, a father’s love, and their fears for their child.” 

And for the Kapuso actress, not only did her husband have the “maturity, wisdom, and experiences in life” that set him apart from everybody else, but he was also able to understand whatever was happening in her own life. 

“The nice thing about being in a marriage with Chiz is that he has always respected the many seasons of my life that I’m going through.”

Heart Evangelista
PHOTO: iamhearte on Instagram

“I felt that as individuals, even if you’re married, or even if you’re committed to someone or a friend or whatever, you really have to go through certain things and deal with them alone and really ponder about what you want in life,” she explained. 

As she embraces liberation from the norms that come with the limelight, Heart considered this important.

Furthermore, if there’s something that the couple’s 15-year age gap does for their marriage to work, it was how Sen. Chiz supports her with the things he already knows but she is only starting to discover. 

“His love is very unconditional, and that’s why we’re okay.”

Amid breakup rumors that circulated online in 2022, the couple kept matters private and appeared together more frequently both in the Philippines and abroad this year.

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Words Ria Javate

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