Heartbroken This Valentine’s Season? Here are Netflix Movies to Watch for a Good Cry

Let’s face it, not everyone is gonna be in the mood for the day of love this season. Especially if you just went through a heartbreak that still feels fresh. There are tons of ways to get over a break-up, but if you’re not there yet and just need a good cry, then we have the Valentine’s watch list for you. Here are a few movies about relationships and heartbreak you can find on Netflix that’ll have you reaching for the tissues.

La La Land

This movie is about what you gain when you choose passion and go for your dreams. However, it’s also about things you have to lose along the way, and sometimes that includes people you love. La La Land will have you dancing and singing, but it will definitely elicit a few heavy sobs from you too. 

Someone Great

Exploring the aftermath of a nine-year relationship that ends in a break-up, this film captures the feeling of being lost after walking away from someone you thought you would be with forever. From its portrayal of the highs and answers you seek after heartbreak to the insightful but heart-wrenching moments of epiphany and acceptance, it’s got everything you could want from a break-up film. 

Marriage Story

Need to live vicariously through a couple of fictional character’s anger? This film will do the trick. It’s the perfect watch if you want something cathartic about the pain of seeing a relationship that was once good turn into something ugly and bitter and desperately trying to at least end it on good terms. 

Hello, Love, Goodbye

Tears are guaranteed when it comes to this movie about instances when leaving the person you’re with is the best thing for you. Sometimes what’s best for your career means going separate ways from your loved one – temporarily or forever, you’re not sure. This film tackles the complication of trying to reconcile your dreams with your relationship, and the hard decision that it comes with. 

Nappily Ever After

This movie is about a woman who feels like life is falling apart after breaking up with a boyfriend for not proposing. All her life she’s been in control, and now everything around her is changing that. A journey to self-love and realizing that your worth is beyond being desired and bigger than the things you can or can’t control, Nappily Ever After is the uplifting movie that’ll get you shedding some tears. 

That Thing Called Tadhana

Looking for something about confronting heartbreak and what it takes to heal from it? This film is the one for you. As you watch the main characters – two strangers that meet by chance – form an unlikely kinship as they look back on their respective disappointments, regrets, and failures, it’s hard to not get emotional. 


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