What Do Heaven Peralejo, Marco Gallo Think About Their Love Team?

Heaven Peralejo says it’s all about timing

Heaven Peralejo and Marco Gallo, the lead stars of VIVA TV’s “The Rain In Espana,” are now touted as VIVA’s “Hottest Love Team.”

Their series, which streams on VIVA’s new platform, VivaOne, has always trends on social media every time they release a new episode on Mondays.

During their recent intimate media conference, the new love team was asked about this new development in their careers.

Laughing, Heaven only says, “Ano magagawa natin, hot si Marco! Joke lang!”

Upon seeing Marco smiling, Heaven tells the press about him, “Kinikilig yan!

Marco then says, “It feels great that I get to become with you. Who else who’d I want to be?”

Heaven adds, “I think, for me, perfect yung timing din ng pagkakasama namin.

But actually, when they were still shooting “The Rain In Espana,” there were no plans yet for them to become an official love team.

Heaven narrates, “At first, hindi naman talaga siya official as a love team noong sinimulan namin yung ‘The Rain…’

“I think it’s also because of the fans, so, nakita ng VIVA yun and also, they saw on ‘The Rain In Espana,’ me and Marco, we have this really perfect chemistry, and I agree, yung chemistry namin ni Marco, it’s not pilit.

“It just comes naturally. We just bring out the best in each other.”

Because of the success of “The Rain In Espana,” Heaven and Marco are headlining a new movie titled “The Ship Show.”

“The Rain Is Espana” is based on a novel by Gwy Saludes.

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Heaven and Marco off-cam

Prior to “The Rain In Espana,” Heaven and Marco had already known each other because they are housemates in “Pinoy Big Brother: Lucky 7” in 2016.

With them being a love team now and working for the show, the two actors have discovered a lot about each other.

Marco says about Heaven, “I think I realized that I had this idea of her first that every time, I just kind of realized that she was this whole different person that I didn’t know about then.

“But, of course, if you keep working together, you get to know each other and you just find this person that you didn’t expect or you didn’t see coming in a good way.”

As for Heaven, she believes that Marco is now ibang-iba from the way they were six years ago.

She tells the media, “Kasi si Marco noon, like, super young pa and it’s been what, six years since we’ve seen each other? So, noong na-meet ko ulit siya, sobrang ibang-iba na siya.

Sobrang manly na and really, I’m so happy for him na he’s so passionate with his work, for his craft, and with the people he works with.”

When asked about the real score between them, Heaven and Marco had just good words for each other.

Heaven explains, “I think and I feel na, of course, sabi ko nga, mas deeper yung connections namin and we gained this trust and respect for each other.

“I think sobrang gandang foundation din noon for a better friendship… relationship? Pero kung anuman, sabi nga namin ni Marco, wala namang pressure and we’re still getting to know each other.”

Marco adds, “Honestly, I think I’m just grateful for the fact that between all those years I’ve been in the industry, I never had a relationship this close and once you feel safe, it feels good to work.”

Heaven Peralejo, Marco Gallo
Heaven Peralejo and Marco Gallo

Success of “The Rain In Espana”

The success of “The Rain In Espana” is set to land on television as TV5 has picked up its TV airing. It already premiered last Sunday, May 21.

Marco and Heaven are enjoying the success of their show and the good feedback they have been receiving.

This comes from the beginning of their show when the announcement was met with hesitation by the fans of the book.

Heaven admits, “Kasi siguro, sanay ako sa mostly negative feedback towards me or towards everything about my life. So, noong time na yun, alam ko naman kasi na if I did my best, I’m very proud of it and I know na if I did my best and everyone did their best, people will love it, so, ganun na lang din.

“So, ngayon, hindi ko na masasabing, ‘Kita mo, nakuha ko yung character?’ Hindi, e. It’s more like I’m so happy, innocently happy.”

Marco, for his part, is just happy he got the role.

“We were just trying to do our job, we were being paired for portraying these two awesome characters.

“Of course, it doesn’t feel great if people wouldn’t like it. But we just did our part, so, whether people like it or not, it doesn’t change that we did it.

“We gave our best and the fact that people like it, it’s just a plus because we already gained from doing the show.”

Even then, Marco admits there was still pressure to do a well-loved book.

“A little bit scary, there is a lot of pressure because you’re trying to reenact a book, so, you’re trying to tell people’s imagination that we are the book.

“Of course, it’s not gonna be [accepted by] everyone but the fact that a lot of people did like it, it means the world to us.”

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