How Olivia Rodrigo is Living Every Directioner’s Dream

Seventeen-year-old singer and actress Olivia Rodrigo is one very expressive (and lucky!) fangirl. Aside from being a self-proclaimed massive Taylor Swift, Lorde, and Halsey fan, she recently revealed that she’s also a “die-hard” Directioner.

Referring to the experience of interacting with her favorite artists, she said, “It’s just incredible. I truly cannot process all of this!”

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Photos: Instagram/olivia.rodrigo

Meeting her heroes

In an interview with Will Manning on “The Official Big Top 40,” Olivia admits that she’s been overwhelmed with all the support she’s gotten these past few weeks since her single “Drivers License” came out, especially from her fellow artists.

“That’s the craziest thing in the whole world to me–all these people who I’ve looked up to since I was like 11 years old are reaching out being like, ‘Oh I love this song! This is so great!’ and that’s just so beyond anything I could have ever dreamed of,” she said.

She said, “Taylor commented on my Instagram post and it made a big splash. It was insane! I am the biggest Swiftie in the whole world and the fact that she did that was just so insane. That truly just made my life.”

Meanwhile, Halsey showed her support by sending out a package, while Lorde’s sister, Indy Yelich, sent her a message. 

“‘Me [Indy] and my sister [Lorde] love your song!’ And I am such a big Lorde fan so that was also surreal,” Olivia said.

Fanfics to texts

The young “High School Musical: The Musical: The Series” star has also been in contact with none other than One Direction member, Niall Horan himself.

She said, “The fact that [Niall Horan] reached out to me was amazing. We’ve actually been like texting and he’s giving me advice on all of the craziness of the music industry.” She also described him as the “kindest person in the world.”

Just imagine: more than two years ago, she’s been gushing about 1D’s Irish member, but now, she actually gets to talk to him! In an OOTD post from 2018, she said, “Niall Horan with his blonde hair and blue eyes make me do dis.”

Olivia also shared that she “used to write One Direction fan fiction when I was in middle school. Just like the cheesy, ‘Oh Harry proposes to you and asks you to be his wife!’ Stuff like that… I was that die-hard of a fan.”

Can you believe that from writing 1D fanfics when she was younger, Olivia now gets to text Niall?

For more, here she is in 2017, holding a sign with a large Harry Styles photo:

olivia rodrigo 1 edited

We’d really love to experience a day in Olivia’s life –she’s living the ultimate fangirl’s dream!

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