“I Am Not Big Bird” Is Your Barkada’s Answer To Valentine’s Day (And Beyond)

Enrique Gil is back on the big screen with “I Am Not Big Bird”

Enrique Gil is back on the big screen in a film many of us might not have expected from the actor. The raunchy comedy, “I Am Not Big Bird,” stars Gil along with Nikko Natividad, Pepe Herrera and Red Ollero, as the four men get into all sorts of trouble in Bangkok, Thailand.

After getting his proposal rejected and his heart is broken, Luis Carpio (Gil) gets together with July (Ollero) and Macky (Natividad) for a trip to Bangkok—Carpio wanting to become the “bigger man” in his travels. Once they land, Carpio becomes the subject of unwanted attention as he has a striking reseblance to Bangkok’s biggest porn star, Big Bird. Which is ironic, considering his ex-girlfriend Cathy broke up with him because of his lack of…skill. 

With powerful groups on the lookout for the illusive Big Bird, Carpio and his friends go on the run—evading captures and castration—ending with Ollero and Natividad quite literally tied up (half naked, of course) on a porn set.

“I Am Not Big Bird” isn’t the kind of film you’d expect to open on Valentine’s Day, and it’s not the traditional flick you’d take your significant other to—but it is a hilariously good time. The entire theater was screaming with laughter during the premiere in SM Megamall on February 13, 2024, the film showcasing a sense of humor that is uniquely Filipino. From the god-awful (yet intentional) censorship that didn’t really censor anything to the petty way the friends interact with each other. From the wordplays to the direct punchlines, “I Am Not Big Bird” demands to be experienced in a crowd in front of the big screen. 

But beyond the jokes and signature comedy, “I Am Not Big Bird” still provides something beyond its surface-level selling point. In between the moments of chuckles and wide-eyed reactions, the film sticks true to its core message: this film is about relationships, whether platonic or otherwise, new or old. There are moments of clarity that truly develop its characters, particularly the scenes where joem’s “Nakaraan” plays in the background as Carpio has his epiphany. 

“I Am Not Big Bird” is a film that will, at some level, force you to evaluate your relationships and act on the changes you want to see—and that includes the one you have with yourself.

And while we’re taking a look at different sides of things, FreebieMNL is giving you an exclusive first look at a brand new poster for “I Am Not Big Bird.” Featuring the cast in multiple scenarios, it tells the audience just what kind of energy they have to look forward to:


Produced by ANIMA Studios, Black Sheep Productions and Immerse Entertainment, “I Am Not Big Bird” is the Valentine’s Day flick that will end all Valentine’s Day flicks. Leave the romance for another day; “I Am Not Big Bird” starts showing in over 170 cinemas nationwide today, February 14. Clear your day, night and weekend and book tickets to watch with the barkada!

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