ICYMI: Netflix’s Shaman King reboot just dropped a major trailer

Shaman King reboot trailer on Netflix
(Image: Netflix/Bridge)

Brace yourselves, Shaman King fans: Netflix is rebooting Hiroyuki Takei’s classic manga, and they’re starting to build up hype for it with an all-new trailer!

The official trailer lasts more than a minute and a half and teases the return of the show’s protagonists, Yoh Asakura, and his spirit guardian Amidamaru — in crisper details this time — as well as a few key plot points in the upcoming reboot.

The reprised animè series comes 20 years after the original adaptation first debuted on Japan’s TV Tokyo Network in July 2001. This time, however, Netflix’s reboot finally has a chance to be faithful to the manga’s ending after animators have to come up with their own conclusion when the manga went on a six-month hiatus in 2018. 

Last December 2020, the streaming giant also released a preview of the revamped anime series that shows Yoh Asakura introduces his close companion Manta Oyamada to the world of shamanism. Anna Kyoyama, Tao Ren, and his spirit guardian Bason Umemiya Ryunosuke, also make an appearance in the promotional clip.

This updated version of Shaman King will be directed by Joji Furuta (The Seven Deadly Sins: Revival of The Commandments) for animation studio Bridge (Fairy Tail). It will also feature some new cast members, but most of the voices featured in the 2001 run are also set to return.

Revolving around the mystical world of shamanism, Shaman King follows the journey of Yoh Asakura and fellow shamans who serve as mediums between the realms of the living and of the dead. To become the Shaman King, Yoh must hone his ability and win the Shaman Fight so he could contact the Great Spirit and reshape the world as he desires.

Shaman King is set to premiere in Japan this April and in North America by the latter half of the year. 

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