Ivana Alawi Shares How She Juggles Time As Both Actress And Live Seller

Ivana reveals her longest live selling rakes an eight-digit profit

Celebrity and social media influencer Ivana Alawi reveals how she is able to balance her life as an actress and an active live seller on TikTok. 

The hustle attached to being a celebrity is not a walk in the park—but for the “FPJ’s Batang Quiapo” lead, she still has ample time to go live and sell her products online.

The 27-year-old actress was launched as the official ambassador of e-commerce platform TikTok shop, and during the media conference right after, she revealed that the platform was flexible enough to accommodate her schedule. 

She shares, “Actually, yan yung pinaka-gusto ko sa TikTok Shop. Yang pagla-live stream, you can do it sa morning, afternoon, sa gabi, madaling-araw, kahit kailan. Ang daming buyers, ang daming viewers, ang daming tao sa TikTok Shop.”

Ivana Alawi
Ivana Alawi
IMAGE: ivanaalawi on Instagram

Given the taxing schedules of celebrities, Ivana reveals not having a fixed schedule. But it does not hold any heavy bearing on her live selling sideline since the platform is available all around the clock. 

Ivana also shares that her routines sometimes overlap, but it has been a habit of hers to incorporate her live-streaming sessions whenever her out-of-work schedules allow her to do so.  

She says, “Kasi yung schedule ko hindi ko rin alam kung anong oras magpa-pack up yung taping, or kung may gagawin ba ako next day, or nasa shoot ako. 

“So, pag umuuwi ako, I get to do it at home tapos pagka-live ko, tutulog na ako or usually, ginagawa ko rin, habang nagla-live, nagdi-dinner ako tapos ka-chikahan ko yung mga viewers habang nagbebenta ako.” 

What does Ivana Alawi love about live selling?  

Far from the curated portrayals that Ivana does on television, one thing that separates live selling is the fact that she can be herself while doing it. In fact, she says that live selling requires no preparation at all—and above that, she gets to bond with her family while on live.

She shares, “Wala akong prep. Actually, one thing I really like is that it’s really raw. I get to be myself and I get [to do it] with my family. So, either nasa back camera sila, nasa likod, or kumakain kami sabay-sabay.”

Ivana even recalls one time she went live for 6 straight hours, starting from 6 p.m. until 12 a.m. —which she revealed has seen an 8-digit profit.

Running strongly for six hours, with viewers coming equally strong, Ivana was even eager to continue it until the next day. However, she says that she was already too exhausted to carry on any longer. 

She says, “Pagod na pagod na ako, pero yung viewers, yung nagche-checkout, nandun talaga, na hindi sila tumitigil kahit 12 a.m. So, sabi ko, ‘Ako na yata ang bibigay dito, e.’”

Ivana Alawi
Ivana Alawi
IMAGE: ivanaalawi on Instagram

As for Ivana, the success in live selling lies on how much sellers believe in their product. Uniqueness, for one, is the key, as Ivana emphasizes that the market is tight and that even small-scale business owners fare well. 

“When you release a product, it should be original or you should really believe in it. ‘Tapos kailangan, user ka talaga ng product mo. 

“Again, even small business owners, they’re doing really, really well on TikTok shop kasi lalabas ka sa mga FYP randomly. So it’s not just selected for big sellers or brands or mga celebrities. It’s really for everyone.

“So, yun, be yourself and love your products and I think the rest will follow.” 

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