James Gunn Reveals The First Chapter Of The DC Cinematic Universe Reboot Slate

James Gunn’s DCU has a promising line-up!

The DC Extended Universe is officially dead as DC Studios co-CEO James Gunn unveils the initial projects lined up for the first chapter of his DC Universe (DCU).

The first chapter of the DC Universe will be dubbed as “Gods and Monsters.” It will consist of five movies and five television series connected between 2025 and 2027.

Watch James Gunn’s slate announcement here:

What’s coming to the first chapter of the DCU

Here’s a summary of everything coming to the first chapter of the DCU:

Creature Commandos

Creature Commandos will be an animated series about military super-humans. Characters could appear in both animation and live-action projects, according to him.


It is a spin-off series to HBO Max’s “Peacemaker,” focusing on Viola Davis’ head of government character. She appeared in earlier DCEU films like “Suicide Squad.”

Superman: Legacy

According to the New York Times, the film will bring the classic superhero back with a new movie focused on his upbringing on earth and his heritage from the planet Krypton. The film, dubbed as the “real beginning of the DCU” by Gunn, will be released on July 11, 2025.


The HBO television series “Lanterns” will center on Green Lantern heroes Hal Jordan and John Stewart. Gunn stated that the series would link to the larger DCU story.

The Authority

The project is a “huge movie” about characters who want to save the world “by any means necessary.” Gunn says the film will take a “quite different look at superheroes.”

Paradise Lost

According to Gunn, the project will be a “Game of Thrones”-style television series set on the all-female island of Themyscira, where Wonder Woman was born.

The Brave and the Bold

It is a new Batman film starring Bruce Wayne and Damian Wayne, Batman’s young murdering son, as Robin.

Booster Gold

This one is an HBO Max series about a “loser” from the future who returns to save the day. Many would remember this character from the comics and the ‘Justice League’ animated series.

Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow

It is a new “science fiction epic picture” that will center on Supergirl, who grew up on a fragment of the planet Krypton and saw the deaths of everyone around her. Gunn says about the character, “she’s a much more cynical figure.”

Swamp Thing

The “really dark horror narrative” takes place “outside the rest of the DCU” but will contribute to the rebooted DC world story.

The First Chapter of DCU

Gunn stressed that this is only part of the full scope of what they have in store for Chapter One. Rather, these serve as a sampling of the projects he’s been working on with a writers’ room. Gunn’s writing team includes Christian Hodson (“Birds of Prey”), Jeremy Slater (“Moon Knight”), Drew Goddard (“Cloverfield”), Christal Henry (HBO’s “Watchmen”), and comic writer Tom King.

Nonetheless, that sampling remains quite ambitious, with new Superman and Batman films, a new Green Lantern series, a Wonder Woman prequel series, and much more.

With all these new projects separate from the DCEU lined up, it’s important to note that the “Flash” film will “reset the entire DC universe.” Gunn also mentioned that “Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom” will lead the DCU’s slate.

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