Janice De Belen Reveals How She Handles Young Stars Who Forget Their Lines

Janice:” Huwag lang siya magkamali sa lines niya”

Janice De Belen shares how she deals with young co-stars who are disrespectful of older artists and forgetful of their script lines during taping. 

The 55-year-old actress graced a YouTube interview with entertainment columnist Ogie Diaz on January 17, 2024. 

Accompanied by “Roadtrip” co-stars, Gelli de Belen, Candy, Pangilinan, and Carmina Villarroel, Janice explains that she does not mind getting a cold shoulder from younger artists. In fact, she usually dismisses it and just returns the gesture. 

Janice De Belen
Janice De Belen
Screengrab from Ogie Diaz on YouTube

She shares, “Dinadaanan ko din sila. Actually, deadma ako sa ganyan. Ako, deadma. Ayaw niyo, ayaw ko din.” 

However, while Janice usually shrugs off cases of disrespect, she warns that these young artists need to be mindful during taping. 

“Huwag lang siya magkamali sa lines niya. Kailangan [pag] magkaeksena kayo, huwag kang magkamali,” Janice says. 

Saying that she has dealt with quite a few, Janice adds that she’s not tolerant of such. As for her, the best she does is “Ume-exit ako” and leaves the matter to the production team. 

According to her, she would say, “Dito muna ako, ha? Unahin niyo na muna iyan. Or sasabihin ko sa AD [art director] ‘Tawagin ninyo ako pag memorized na niya.” 

This, however, is not strict, as she still weighs whether or not she would confront the artist according to their attitude. She says, “Kung apologetic naman siya, doon ko na lang sa AD sasabihin. Ngayon, kung suplada pa siya, ‘Lord help me, give me more patience.’” 

Janice de Belen reveals one pet peeve during taping 

More than the caveat that she has set for younger artists, Janice says that she also cannot stand actors who bring cell phones while doing takes. 

As for her, cell phones are a point for distraction since vibrations can be heard through lapels. Such a disruption will then prompt the entire production to do the scene from the top. 

More than her observation, she has drawn a conclusion that older artists take the job more seriously than the younger ones. According to her, these young celebrities are constantly doing vlogs, using TikTok, or just chatting with someone else through phones. 

Janice is set to star in the upcoming Philippine adaptation of “What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim” under ABS-CBN and Dreamscape Entertainment. 

Bannered by Kim Chiu and Paolo Avelino, the series will also have Romnick Sarmenta, Pepe Herrera, Angeline Quinto, and Franco Laurel as some of its cast members. 

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