After Losing Everything In A Fire, Jaya Starts Over By Moving Into New Home

The Philippines’ Queen of Soul hit the Reset button on her life.

Jaya and her family moved into a new house after their first home in the US burned to the ground.

She shared a glimpse of their new home in Silverdale, Washington on Instagram. Jaya expressed her immense gratitude for their new beginning.

“Aug. 19 is our Day 1 into our new home. Thank you to all of you who helped us through different ways. Your love, prayers, encouragement and those who gave from the heart, we will always lift you up in prayers. We will do a video soon. Thank you Lord for new beginnings,” she wrote.

Jaya’s husband Gary Gotidoc also thanked the Lord for helping them bounce back from the fire.

“We are finally home! This has been a rollercoaster week! Lowest lows when your house burns down. But Highest of the Highs when God restores you!” he wrote.

In a previous post, Jaya also shared some good news. Jaya said that their home application was approved and her husband got a new job.

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Jaya and her family moved to the US last July 2021.

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