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How Much Child Support Is John Lloyd Cruz Providing For Son Elias?

John Lloyd Cruz willingly offered to double the financial support for their son Elias, says Ellen Adarna

Actress Ellen Adarna is not having any problems with her ex-partner, John Lloyd Cruz, when dividing financial responsibility for their child.

In an Instagram Q&A session on June 30, 2023, Ellen confirmed that the “HappyToGETher” star more than fulfills his financial obligations for their son Elias.

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Turns out the said question is something that Ellen constantly gets so to set the record straight she finally took the time to address it.

“Yes, he does. When he asked me, how much does Elias need, I gave him a breakdown of his basic needs, just his basic needs, and that’s 10,000 pesos max. But he insisted on doubling it,” she explained.

Despite knowing that John Lloyd can provide more for their son, Ellen underscored that she too has a responsibility to provide for him.

“I know he’s more than capable of giving more than that, but I told him I cannot accept anything more than PHP20,000, and that’s it. I also have, because we are co-parenting, I have my obligations and responsibilities for Elias, so it’s just fair,” she said.

For Ellen, anything more than Php 200,000 is “morally not right because he’s not schooling yet. He hasn’t started school, so that’s just basic needs.”

Ever since their split in 2020, John Lloyd and Ellen have maintained a co-parenting status for Elias. In fact, more recently, Ellen and John Lloyd individually celebrated Elias’ 5th birthday, which the two stars shared on their respective social media accounts.

Ellen and her finances

Despite being well-off, Ellen says she still makes it a point to live within her budget. 

Ellen on her money

Ellen confirmed and emphasized, “Yes, because money is not unlimited.”

What’s more is that, according to Ellen, being married to actor Derek Ramsay has not changed how she handles her finances. 

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Ellen on couple finances

However, she revealed that they maintain separate bank accounts and only have a joint account reserved for emergencies and travel expenses.

“Honestly, ‘day, our finances, how we handle our finances are still the same as when we started dating. He has his own, I have my own, but we do have a joint account and we only use that for emergency… when there’s something at home or when we travel,” she said.

She emphasized, “So far, there’s no problem about the finances… We’re not there yet discussing about things like that.”

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