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K-Pop Fans Up In Arms Following Photocard Value Misconception

K-Pop fans call out “Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho” and express concerns over the safety of their items

Some Filipino K-pop fans reported on social media that their photocards were stolen in public places. 

These reports came after “Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho” (KMJS) featured the collection of a teenage Filipino K-pop fan. What sets this collection apart, according to the show’s March 5, 2023 episode, is that it is estimated to be worth more than P2 million. To buy this collection, the fan stole money from her grandmother. 

However, what particularly caught the attention of the public is the fan’s three NCT photocards featuring Jeong Jaehyun and Mark Lee. Each photocard has an estimated value of P50,000.  These photocards were inclusions of “NCT Universe” album released in 2021 which only cost between P700 to P1,200. The probability of getting this particular photocard, however, is less than 5% since each album only comes with one universe photocard and one regular photocard.

Stolen photocards

But, what are photocards? They are actually pocket-sized exclusive images of K-pop idols included in the album package. 

For South Korean music labels, inserting photocards is a good marketing strategy to boost album sales. After all, when you insert one random exclusive image of a group member in each album copy, eager fans will certainly buy multiple copies. They do so either to get the photo card of their favorite member or to complete the whole set of their stan group.

The price of K-pop photocards depends on various factors. Among them are rarity, exclusivity, condition of the card, and popularity of the group or the member. Collectors can buy original photocards for as low as PHP 35 each. But those with a tight budget often opt to print out their own photocards instead. 

Safety concerns rocked the community a day after the episode aired. It was after reports about stealing incidents of K-pop photocards flooded local social media came after.

Echoing the concern of K-Pop fans, K-Culture influencer Kring Kim also aired her dismay over the issue.

Meanwhile, other netizens did not mince their words in criticizing the “Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho” feature. According to them, it has “painted K-Pop community in a bad light.” They also say it rekindled the “stigma” that K-Pop fans have long been trying to reverse.

In response to the calls for them to address the issue, “Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho” had released a statement condemning the harassment of their feature’s subject. They likewise asserted that the feature was never created to judge or to cause harm. Rather, they want to impart a valuable lesson with the feature.

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