Why Did Kathryn Bernardo Feel Scared In Doing Movie Sequel With Alden Richards, “Hello, Love, Again?”

Kathryn: “Siyempre natakot ako kasi hindi ko alam kung should we just leave it as it is”

Kathryn Bernardo and Alden Richards’ reunion film “Hello, Love, Again”—the sequel to the blockbuster movie “Hello, Love, Goodbye”—is slated for release this 2024, but the actress reveals having fears when the prospect was brought up to her. 

It’s been five years since “Hello, Love, Goodbye” dominated the theaters and reached record highs—and for the first time since then, Kathryn and Alden will reprise their roles as Joy and Ethan for the highly anticipated sequel helmed by Director Cathy Garcia-Sampana. 

The reunion film—produced by Star Cinema and GMA Pictures—was announced via a New Movie Alert event held on Sunday, May 19, 2024. 

While Kathryn was aware of the public’s call to do a sequel, she reveals having doubts about it—mainly because she was uncertain whether the sophomore installment will live up to the legacy of the first one. More so, the prospect of just doing a standalone film with Alden has passively occurred to her. 

She says, “Hindi ko talaga alam na this would be possible, today we’re announcing it. And then sometimes, actually, yung fear ko when Tita [Cory Vidanes] told me about this film, siyempre, natakot ako kasi hindi ko alam kung should we just leave it as it is or maybe gumawa na lang kami ng bagong kwento ni Alden or better na ituloy siya.”

Kathryn Bernardo and Alden Richards
Kathryn Bernardo, Alden Richards

Despite having doubts over it, Kathryn says she momentarily detached herself from the plot to see the hanging questions left by the first film. 

She says, “But then, nung pinag-isipan ko siya, if I put myself aside—not being part of the cast—parang ang dami kong questions. 

“Ang dami kong gusto malaman, kumusta si Joy? Is Ethan okay? Nag-survive ba yung LDR nila? Kumusta yung buhay nila sa Canada? Nagawa ba niya yung dreams niya? 

“So, for me, I think “Hello, Love, Again” will provide all the answers to my questions and to all our questions, hopefully. But this time naman, you know, sa ibang settings naman, which is in Canada.   

“And as direk Cathy said, sa kwento pa lang nila, ang daming, you know maganda at the same time, very sad stories na we wanted to tell. So, I think this is a good continuation but sa ibang aspeto naman. Let’s see.” 

The promotional teaser for “Hello, Love, Again” shown during the announcement features shots taken in Canada. The story is set to unfold in the country, after the first film was narrated in Hong Kong. 

How does Kathryn Bernardo feel about the sequel? 

Much has changed in the course of five years, and Kathryn Bernardo is aware of her acting dynamics over time. And so, she feels that doing the sequel is both familiar and different.

Kathryn Bernardo
Kathryn Bernardo

She says, “Alam natin kung gaano kahirap gumawa ng sequel. Kasi for me, hindi ko naman in-expect na magkakaroon ng sequel ‘tong ‘Hello, Love, Goodbye’ so when they told me just this year, after I did ‘A Very Good Girl’ and all, my next assignment talaga, supposedly is ‘Elena, 1944.’

“But then, may mga kailangang paghandaan pa kay ‘Elena’ so yun, yan nangyari and then naging totoo. Ito na, nandito tayo ngayon for ‘Hello, Love, Again.’

“It feels very familiar, but at the same time, it’s different this time. Because it’s been five years and five years is such a long time. Yeah, I’ve changed, I think we all did. Lahat tayo nagbago and I’m just curious kung ano yung mabibigay namin this time around.”

In the span of years, Kathryn feels that there’s too much left unanswered, including what happened to their personal growth in relation to their portrayal of Joy and Ethan. 

Alden Richards is elated to do “Hello, Love, Again” 

As for Alden, he couldn’t be any happier in doing the highly anticipated sequel mainly because it would be the first collaboration of two content-providing units, ABS-CBN’s Star Cinema and GMA-7’s GMA Pictures. 

He says, “Talagang tuluy-tuloy na yung collaborations. Ever since naman we started ‘Hello, Love, Goodbye,’ na from actors na nagsama from different networks, ngayon for a beautiful movie to happen, even the networks are now one and united.” 

More so, Alden says that he’s been waiting for the sequel to happen—keeping it close to his heart until everything will finally align. 

He says, “Ako, hinintay ko rin siya. Parang kumbaga after seeing the film over and over again, natulog nang—yung pangarap na yun, nasa puso ko lang in the past five years. So, finally, ito nga, dreams do come true talaga.” 

This has not been the first time that Alden expressed his interest in doing a sequel for “Hello, Love, Goodbye.” In fact, he says during an interview in 2023 that he is willing to cancel all his schedules just for this anticipated film to push through.

viber image 2024 05 19 19 33 35 239
L-R: Crystal Hazel San Miguel, Carmi Raymundo, Kathryn Bernardo,
Alden Richards, Director Cathy Garcia-Sampana

“Hello, Love, Again” will be shown in theaters worldwide on November 13, 2024. The screenplay was written by Crystal Hazel San Miguel and Carmi Raymundo, to be directed by Director Cathy Garcia-Sampana. 

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