Ken San Jose Breaks Identity Barriers With Latest Single “Tago”

The rapper-dancer cranks up his rhymes to maturity

Lowkey might be a thing these days, but singer-dancer Ken San Jose comes swagging loud and proud in his new effort “Tago.”

The young artist opens up about entering maturity and finding purpose in life in this recent sit-down interview with FreebieMNL at The Island, BGC.

Ken San Jose’s latest single

Ken says that “Tago” is about not hiding the relationship and keeping it real.

The new single, which is signed with Universal Records, was co-written and produced by Filipino-Canadian composer August Rigo.

Ken San Jose
IMAGE Renuel Fallore, Universal Records

August Rigo is a known singer, songwriter, and producer who has written songs for big stars such as BTS (Black Swan), Chris Brown (Royalty), and Justin Bieber.

Ken San Jose, according to him, is in the process of maturing. He adds that the song is his statement to being real rather than hiding insecurities and not being conscious of what people might think of him.  

“This song showcases the swag side that I’ll bring to the table,” the young rapper says. He adds that this coming-of-age effort comes from listening to Travis Scott and going to party places like The Island.

Right now, what he wants to achieve is exploring the hip-hop arena and feeling different vibrations.

“Now, I’m just starting to follow my heart and passion and be real and authentic—really from my heart, everything that I’m doing at this point,” Ken explains.

These days, he is expanding his peripherals to learning, including being able to explore different genres and sub-genres of hip-hop.

Ken San Jose
IMAGE Renuel Fallore, Universal Records

“I’m open to learning new stuff. I’m in this period where I am very flexible. I’m kind of in the middle. I’m not stuck in place right now, so, I’d say that’s my asset—to be able to explore different genres at the moment,” he dives deeper.

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Ken San Jose is on his way to identity

Admittedly, Ken San Jose has been through a lot since he worked as a dancer at thirteen. But now, as a musician, he has recorded pop and gospel songs. Add rap songs to the list.

He expounds, “Don’t get me wrong, I still love dancing, but that’s not just who I am. I also love music—I sing. I am a Christian, I love God. I like to play basketball.”

 For him, it is about opening possibilities, learning new things, and exploring other genres.

“I felt like in the past, I was in this battle with ‘What do I do?’ or ‘Whom do I [want to] be?’”

“So, my life was publicly seen. The past few years, I was portraying someone that wasn’t me or battling to be what others want me to be.”

New Drops

Apart from “Tago,” Ken mentions dropping multiple singles soon.

“I have new singles coming up that are banked. I have them in the bank waiting to be released,” he excitedly teases.

Ken San Jose
IMAGE Renuel Fallore, Universal Records

According to Ken, it will not just include hip-hop. He assures his listeners that the songs will bind as one concept once all tracks have been released.

Banner Image Dani Sison


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