Kendra Kramer Receives First Car At 13 Years Old

Kendra Kramer’s first car is named Blush!

Kendra Kramer, the eldest child of basketball player Doug Kramer and actress-model Cheska Garcia-Kramer, got her first car at the age of 13!

The teenage social media influencer, who has nearly a million followers on Instagram, shared a photo of her new two-door electric vehicle. She named the car “Blush.”

In her Instagram post, Kendra expressed her excitement about the car’s eco-friendliness. She wrote, “And the beauty beyond the cute color, and friendly price, is that it’s ALL ELECTRIC! Nature friendly! This Ice Cream EV by @jetourautophils is a winner!” The car, made by Jetour Auto Philippines, is priced at around 700,000 pesos.

While the legal driving age in the Philippines is 16, Kendra’s mother, Cheska, has been driving the car on her behalf.

Kendra, known for sharing her thoughts and daily experiences with her followers, hinted at the possibility of competing in beauty pageants in the future. When asked about the possibility, she responded, “it might happen.”

Kendra’s purchase has drawn attention to the trend of influencers and celebrities acquiring expensive possessions at a young age. Some have criticized the trend, arguing that it promotes materialism and a culture of instant gratification. Others have defended the right of young people to enjoy the fruits of their labor and success.

Regardless of the debate, it is clear that Kendra’s car has become a source of joy and excitement for her. She wrote in her Instagram post, “I feel like crying!”

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