Kendra Kramer Is Now A Teenager With A Baking Business

Team Kramer’s eldest is now a teen, and she joined baby sister Scarlett’s pastry business!

These days, Doug and Cheska Kramer are best known for being the heads of Team Kramer. That’s the name the public gave their little family. They have two daughters, Kendra Kramer and Scarlett Kramer, and one son, Gavin Kramer.

Last June x, their eldest daughter Kendra (born Clair Kendra Garcia Kramer) turned 13. It was a milestone that the family marked with an outing. They took some of Kendra’s friends on a great trip to Adventure Zone at Shangri-La The Fort. Yes, for her first teenage year, Kendra chose a kiddie party so that her younger siblings could join the fun!

On her personal Instagram, Kendra posted photos from the party. She wore a chic white dress made by Mimi Lazaro of Bumblebee and Company. She has always been a lover of fashion. Her fans have been wondering if she’d ever go into pageantry. After all, she has the height for it.

The Team Kramer YouTube channel had a montage uploaded to it. It had clips from her parents’ IG when they greeted her at midnight. Accompanying the montage was a letter from her parents looking back on her childhood.

Kendra Kramer and Scarlett’s Pastries

Not even a week after becoming a teenager, Kendra’s already into her first “big girl” role! Her mom posted a mini-interview filmed in their kitchen on Instagram stories last July 3.

“What are you doing, Kenny?”

“I’m helping Scarlett with her baking business!”

“So you guys are business partners right?”


As it turns out, baby sister Scarlett has been making brownies! Kendra is her business partner, handling accounting and marketing. “I calculate everything and market to my friends.”

Team Kramer fan looking to support the sisters’ small business? You’ll have to wait a little bit longer

“We don’t know how to sell outside of our friends yet. It’s doing well naman so far!”

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As you can see, Kendra Kramer‘s teenage years are off to a great start.

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