Kim Chiu, Bela Padilla, Darren Espanto Form New Friendship Called DaBeKi

Will it be AngDaBeKi soon?

Close friends Kim Chiu and Bela Padilla have just made a new social clique named DaBeKi with their newest recruit Darren Espanto.

Kim and Bela have recruited their newest member of the gang, Darren, to form a new group—a humorous iteration of their more popular friendship circle with Angelica Panganiban called “AngBeKi.” 

DaBeKi and AngBeKi, as they are called, stand for each of the members—creating a funny name that roughly translates to “the gays” or in Tagalog “Ang mga bading.” 

The group was launched by Bela on her Instagram account on Sunday, April 15, 2024—with a caption, “Dahil wala si @iamangelicap dabeki muna kami [laughing emoji] @chinitaprincess @darrenespanto.

Kim Chiu, Bela Padilla, Darren Espanto of DaBeKi
Kim Chiu, Darren Espanto, Bela Padilla
Screengrab from bela on Instagram

The photo uploaded by Bela was taken during Vice Ganda’s birthday party in Highland Bali Villas Resort in Nueva Ecija. As seen on Kim’s video uploaded on Saturday, April 13, 2024, the newfound squad headed to the venue in the same car. 

In a separate video Kim can be seen saying, “Finally, we made it, DaBeKi. This is the DaBeKi,” while pointing at Bela and Darren. It was then seconded by Darren’s quick introduction, “DaBeKi, ‘yun po ang grupo namin.” 

Kim Chiu, Bela Padilla, Darren Espanto of DaBeKi
Darren Espanto, Bela Padilla, Kim Chiu
Screengrab from Kim Chiu on Facebook

In a follow-up Facebook video, Kim gives a quick background about how the group was formed—spontaneously coming up with the name while on a quick stopover at a famous coffee shop. 

Kim Chiu, Bela Padilla, Darren Espanto of DaBeKi
Darren Espanto, Kim Chiu, Bela Padilla
Screengrab from Kim Chiu on Facebook

Netizens react to DaBeKi 

The witty and humorous name has then caught the attention of netizens—with many people saying that they should just merge AngBeKi and DaBeKi as one ultimate squad called AngDaBeKi. 

One user says, “Ang galing! Swak na swak addition si Darren to [these] ladies. My tall, dark, and handsome defender na etong [tatlong] ladies. 

Another one emphasizes, “Nice to be young and friends you can go along with. Wishing your friendship will last forever. Enjoy life.”

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