Kris Aquino Reveals She’s Dealing With “More Complex” Health Condition

Kris suffers from drastic body fluctuations

The “Queen of All Media” Kris Aquino has given an update on her health, saying that her condition has progressed negatively and her autoimmune diseases have developed “more complex” than ever. 

Brought about by the long-term medical demands of her diseases, Kris has sought treatment abroad and has been living in the United States since June 2022. 

In a series of Instagram videos uploaded on Sunday, January 21, 2024, Kris shared some of the developments in her fight against numerous cases of autoimmune diseases. 

Kris Aquino health condition
Kris Aquino
IMAGE: krisaquino on Instagram

Kris starts her statement with an apology for not being able to greet her followers during the holidays. According to her, she started feeling weak and losing appetite since Thanksgiving, even though her diet only consisted of milk. 

She shares having to experience “weird” blood pressure fluctuations and constant headaches, on top of drastic weight loss and hemoglobin drop. 

“I was reluctant to post my pics because I lost weight again. I went down to 92 lbs, my hemoglobin also went down to as low as 8.7,” Kris says. 

Following the advice of her doctor to regain weight and eat food with high iron content, Kris then recognizes that it was not an easy battle. She only managed to gain three pounds (3 lbs) since the new year. 

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Kris Aquino has developed lupus 

Two weeks after another blood sampling, Kris reveals having to cry “non-stop” upon knowing that her Churg Strauss disease requires further treatment. More so, she laments that her CREST syndrome has grown active again. 

On top of that, Kris reveals that she is already in the first stage of yet another autoimmune disease, as indicated by several signs—including “butterfly rash” on her face.

She says, “I’m already exhibiting many symptoms for another autoimmune connective tissue disease—it is highly likely based on my ANA count, my high inflammatory numbers, my anemia, my now constant blood pressure at night, and the consistent appearance of the ‘butterfly rash’ on my face that I’m at the initial stage of SLE or what’s commonly known as lupus.”

With such diagnoses, Kris says that she is still lined up for a continuous dosage of medications. Her body will be introduced to “baby dose of Rituxan,” which can only be taken with steroids. However, she says that her body reacts adversely to it, thus it’s a total risk on her end. 

At the end part, Kris anchors her ordeal to God and asks everyone to offer her prayers. 

“We have a merciful and loving God who hears our prayers. My battle has become more complex BUT I promised my sons & my sisters—I won’t be a wimp. And I’m promising all my friends plus all who continue to pray for me: bawal sumuko, tuloy pa rin ang laban,” she finishes. 

In November 2023, Kris’s close friend Boy Abunda said that the actress-host has been faring well. However, it was made known during his visit in October 2023 that Kris has to stay for another “15 or 18 months” for the medications that are only available in the U.S.  

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