Kris Bernal reveals she and husband were not really trying to get pregnant

Actress Kris Bernal is pregnant!

Bernal announced this on Instagram on Friday, March 3, 2023. Bernal uploaded snaps from her pregnancy photo shoot with husband Perry Choi.

The photos were made-up movie posters that contain Bernal’s due month, which is August, as well as made-believe award nominations like “Best Pregnancy Announcement,” “Best Delivery,” and “Best Ultrasound Photo.”

Bernal collaborated with Nice Print Photography for the pictorial.

In her caption, Bernal reveals that she and Choi weren’t actually trying to have a baby.

She recalls, “It happened—we weren’t really ‘trying,’ but we were blessed with pregnancy! I can still remember I’ve felt a rush of different emotions when the test showed two lines.”

Pregnancy is not easy

In another post, Bernal says that getting morning sickness was hard for her. In fact, not even portraying it in her past shows prepared her for the feeling.

She says, “So, this is what morning sickness feels like. I’ve been trying to mimic or portray this kind of feeling in some of my tv roles/scenes! And, it was waaaaay different!! Bad acting, KB! Lol! I haven’t experienced anything like this before and I feel like a stranger in my own body. Is it really like this momSHEs? It’s a miracle that I was able to keep up appearances at work and with friends without anyone knowing what was going on! Good acting, KB!”

Finally, she shares an appreciation post for her husband for being supportive and caring.

She writes, “I just want to shift the spotlight to Perry, who has been very hands on in taking care of me. He put up with all my crazy mood swings, reminds me of the dos and don’ts of my doctor, makes sure I take my medicines on time, and the list goes on! Tama na!! Emotional ako ngayon! Naiiyak ako just thinking about it! Perry, you have what it takes to welcome parenthood! You’ll def nail this whole dad thing!”

Kris Bernal and her moods

On March 13, 2023, Bernal uploaded an Instagram reel which shows her consistently shifting her moods with Choi sitting behind her. According to the Kapuso actress, this mimics her situation with her pregnancy. She also reminds pregnant moms that their “feelings are valid” and they are “not alone.”

She shares, “Monday mood.. Uhmm.. I meant M-T-W-TH-F-S-S. I can go from being happy one minute to feeling like crying the next. I’m at my most sensitive, I can actually become a great actor. Anyone else? But, despite these hormonal and dramatic changes in my life, there is something about pregnancy that makes me feel so badass, powerful, strong, confident, beautiful, and capable. To all the moms-to-be in every circumstance, all our feelings are valid and know that you’re not alone. You are doing better than you think you are!”

Bernal also recently attended Nice Print Photography’s anniversary event, where she flaunted her glowing momma look.

In her Instagram post, Bernal admits that she had a hard time styling herself because nothing in her wardrobe fits her while pregnant!

She says, “I’ve given up on trying to be stylish during this period as nothing from my wardrobe currently fits. I must give credit to my fairy godmothers who make me look like a ‘glowing’ mama, that’s why most assume it’s a girl. Real talk, I’m struggling every day to raise a human inside of me.”

Bernal is currently in her fourth month of pregnancy and has yet to learn the gender of her baby.

Bernal got married to Choi in September 2021. They met each other as business partners in 2016 and went public with their relationship in 2017.

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