Lea Salonga Draws Internet Nod After Insistent Fans Invade Her Privacy

Lea: “I have boundaries… Do not cross them”

Lea Salonga has made headlines on Monday, July 18, after a video surfaced online wherein she is seen lecturing a group of insistent fans who invaded her dressing room and privacy for a photo opportunity. 

Lea Salonga
IMAGE: @leasalonga on Instagram

The video was uploaded by the fan on Saturday, July 15. Attached with it is a lengthy detail of his first-hand experience meeting the 52-year-old Broadway star. 

The two-minute clip shows a group of “fans” who flocked outside of Lea’s dressing room in the set of the Broadway musical “Here Lies Love.”

Confused as she appears on the video, Lea then admits she cannot allow them in as she does not know who they are in the first place.

The fans were then quick to affiliate themselves with the co-producer of the show, former actress G Tongi, after Lea refused to let them enter and accommodate their photo request.

Lea further explains that permission is only granted to those in the guest list—other than that, she cannot entertain for “security purposes.” 

In the succeeding turn of events, Lea then ushers them towards the door, as the disobedient fan showers her with compliments. An infuriated Lea says, “Again, I have to be strict about this,” ultimately granting their request in exasperation. 

Part of the post of the fan read (published as is): “Para kay Ate LEA, If ever naman po na mali kami at wala sa guest list , the Fact na andun na kami para lang magpapicture .. pumila at nagbayad ng mahal para sa Show, siguro naman po bilang Kapwa PILIPINO at mga FANS eh mabigyan ng kahit konting RESPETO AT KAHIT HINDI NA YAKAPIN OR I BESO ay mapagbigyan na kahit sandaling Magpa PICTURE ( mabilis lang naman yun)”

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Lea Salonga immediately breaks her silence 

image 67
IMAGE: @leasalonga on Instagram

Lea took to Twitter some of her sentiments over the issue, as she emphasizes drawing her personal line from strangers.  

As she puts it in a tweet, “Just a reminder… I have boundaries. Do not cross them. Thank you,” while quote-retweeting an old lesson she learned from her mother: “NEVER ACCEPT FOOD FROM STRANGERS.”

The succeeding tweet from the broadway diva comes as another attempt to address the issue, as she also retweets a late interview about the importance of privacy in the entertainment industry. 

The tweet reads: “Thanks for sharing this. Allow me to quote. This is the mindset of many folks in the industry. If you get it, that’s good. If you don’t then I have no good words for you.”

Meanwhile, a recent tweet from Lea reveals that she conducted a follow-through with G, who later claimed that “she had no idea who they were.”

image 71
image 70
image 69

Lea is not in the wrong and netizens agree

The video has already gained massive online reaction, as it continuously circulates across the internet in favor of Lea Salonga. 

A number of Twitter users have all shared the same sentiment with her, as the broadway star trended with a lesson on respect, privacy, and personal boundaries. 

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More so, Lea has made the gesture of answering some tweets, as she offers a case-to-case scenario of what happened in comparison with her “Here Lies Love” colleagues. 

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Lea Salonga is currently a co-producer of “Here Lies Love,” a Broadway musical that follows the story of former first lady Imelda Marcos—wife of the former president and dictator Ferdinand Marcos Sr. Lea portrays Aurora Aquino, mother to Ninoy Aquino. 

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