Careless CEO Claims Liza Soberano Was Offered To Audition For MJ’s Role In MCU Spider-Man Films

But has Liza Soberano already denied the rumor about the casting?

Careless CEO Jeffrey Oh brought up a past claim that Marvel offered Liza Soberano an audition for the role of MJ in 2017’s “Spider-Man: Homecoming.” The claim was first denied by Soberano way back in 2016.

During a panel discussion on March 7, Oh claimed that Soberano received the offer to audition for Zendaya’s current “Spider-Man” role, Michelle Jones.

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“I will tell a bit of a story. Who here loves the movie ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’? Who loves the character of Zendaya, MJ, from ‘Spider-Man’ with Tom Holland?” Oh premised his statement.

However, Oh said her ABS-CBN contract prevented Soberano from pushing through with the supposed audition.

“Liza was offered to audition for that role. They reached out to her to audition, and she was not allowed because she had to do the same thing she’s always been doing. I really shouldn’t have said that. But it’s the truth. Now imagine, this wasn’t like as if she was marketed, but they reached out. That’s what I mean by… It’s self-evident when you go out there. People are looking for Filipino talent,” Oh continued.

Oh expressed his disappointment at the wasted opportunity to have a home-grown Filipina represent the country in an MCU film.

“Imagine a Filipina actress was the star in one of the biggest Marvel movies in history. Imagine if she was MJ, what that would do for Philippine entertainment. But then she was on a 10-year contract which is also unheard of anywhere else in the world,” he said.

Liza Soberano denied the casting call rumors

After Oh made the claim, past reports of Soberano’s denying that she got an audition offer surfaced online. An article title from Push reads “Liza Soberano clarifies she did not get an offer to play Mary Jane on “Spider-Man.”

In a past interview with ABS-CBN News’ MJ Felipe, Soberano said that it was the fans’ idea to have her audition.

“It’s not really an invitation. I think it was what the fans wanted lang, fans of Marvel,” Soberano said. “I think one of them is Pinay and parang she tweeted that, parang kung merong magiging Mary Jane Watson, she would want it to be me. All my fans started retweeting it and everything, but wala naman po talagang invitation.”

However, Soberano mentioned that receiving a Marvel offer would be an honor.

Ogie Diaz confirms Liza did not get an audition invite

Ogie Diaz, Soberano’s former manager, stated on his YouTube channel that her former ward has already addressed the matter. He confirmed that Marvel did not extend an invitation.

Si Liza Soberano na rin po ang nagsabi na walang imbitasyon na galing sa Marvel. Iyong tweet na ‘yun ay galing sa isang fan na nagpakalat na naniniwala na posible na makapasok si Liza bilang isa sa mga extra o mga may role doon sa ‘Spider-Man’ kung siya ay sakaling mag-o-audition,” he said.

Diaz asked Oh for proof that would clear the air for everyone.

Dahil ako, bilang former manager ni Liza — at ang Star Magic at ang ABS-CBN — as far as we know, walang imbitasyon mula sa Marvel,” Diaz added.

By the end of his vlog, Diaz emphasized the importance of his role in Soberano’s career.

At saka, Diyos ko naman, Mr. Jeffrey, kinu-kuwestiyon mo ‘yung 10 years naming pag-ma-manage kay Liza. Mas nakakahiya naman siguro kung sa loob ng 10 years na ‘yun ay walang nangyari kay Liza. Hindi siya sumikat, hindi siya nakilala, hindi siya naging successful.”

“After all, hindi niyo rin naman kukunin si Liza kung hindi rin naman siya sikat. Kung nanatili siyang starlet sa loob ng sampung taon. You cannot erase the fact that ABS-CBN, Star Magic, and Ogie Diaz were part of Liza Soberano’s success, popularity that you are enjoying.”

Diaz closed by saying that Oh can “take good care of her as much as we did.”

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