Liza Soberano Recalls Fear Over Possible LizQuen Fallout

“I thought me and Quen haven’t achieved much compared to the number one love team”

Liza Soberano has yet again graced an interview with Boy Abunda as she confronts past worries of the LizQuen loveteam.

LizQuen is Soberano’s love team with her reel-and-real life boyfriend, Enrique Gil.

In a second exclusive interview uploaded by The Abunda Talk Channel on Monday, March 20, Abunda asked if the 14-minute vlog that Soberano uploaded on February 25 is a form of protest albeit a successful career. She admits that she could have worded out her statements better.

Soberano expounds, “I only wanted to be in a love team… because in my mind and to everybody’s  [knowledge], they are the reason for my success, and that’s exactly what I thought.”

Soberano then continues by saying, “That’s exactly how I felt. I was scared to go beyond that because I thought that kung paghihiwalayin kami ni Quen, hindi na kami love team, hindi na ako successful.”

She then tried to reconcile with her previous mindset by saying that this judgment over “LizQuen” is clouded and wrong.

Soberano also acknowledges in the interview that while her successful career rooted out from these people, other directors and creatives in the industry are equally capable of doing so. 

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Behind Cancellation Of “Darna”

In an attempt to clarify things up, Soberano says that “Darna” is the only solo project offered to her. Abunda then asked what was the reason for the cancellation of “Darna,” in which Soberano explains that her mental health was severely compromised.

Two years in preparation, with eight shooting days, and regular training for the role, Soberano confesses, “No matter how skinnier I got, no matter how much stronger I got, it never felt like it was enough.”

This sentiment bred out of constant pressure that people tried to impose on her back then, Soberano admits. She then goes on by saying that she never measured anything rightly for the management as they called her out for being skinny and for gaining weight. 

“It’s like I was never enough. I was never pleasing them. That really affected my body image, my mental health,” she explains.

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Back to “Bagani”

Abunda then asks whether Soberano backed out or was just fired for the role, to which she replied that she backed out three times since they were constantly pulling her out of “Bagani.”

“Bagani” is Soberano’s 2018 fantasy primetime series with Gil. 

Soberano tells Abunda that her decision to back out from “Darna” can be attributed to her fear of falling out of the LizQuen love team since Gil was offered solo projects without her. 

These projects were the movies “Dukot” and “Seven Sundays.”

“I didn’t want the love team to end. I was holding on to that because it was my comfort zone and that time, I thought me and Quen haven’t achieved much compared to the number one love team,” she says.

Soberano did not mention who is she pertaining as the “number one love team.”

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Of Hope, Poems, and Flowers

In the earlier part of the interview, Abunda has brought up Soberano’s Instagram post from February 22. The said post refers to a series of one-liner photos captioned with a two-stanza poem titled, “A Flower’s Dream”. 

When Soberano gets asked what she meant by the seemingly familiar poem, she is direct to say that she felt like a flower, with herself forever rooted to the ground. 

For much of what has been said, this bred out of the people’s expectation of her staying as is despite her desire to do more. And so, this became her inspiration for the poem. 

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