Songwriter Lolito Go Rebukes Moira Dela Torre, Defends Jason Hernandez

Moira is more of an oppressor than a victim,” claims Lolito

The recent controversies surrounding Jason Hernandez and Moira Dela Torre were further fueled by songwriter Lolito Go who took to Facebook his tirades against Moira while backing up Jason. 

Lolito Go reveals Moira Dela Torre and Jason Hernandez's relationship conflict
IMAGE: @moirarachelle on Instagram

On Sunday, May 28, 2023, Lolito, who said that he has worked with Moira and Jason in the past, posted a lengthy Facebook post substantiating Moira’s distasteful behavior—a series of “personal experiences” he had while he was working with the ex-couple. 

Lolito starts the post with a narration of how he came to know Moira and Jason.

According to him, as published on his Facebook post, “Moira used to be a friend to me. Absentee ninang ni Ludwig. She was proxied by her whole family nung binyag. We were from the same city–Olongapo.

“But we only got to know more about each other during the grand finals of Himig Handog 2017, kung saan naging grand winner ang kantang Titibo-tibo, na personal song namin ni Libertine. Doon na rin namin nakilala si Jason at iba pang malapit sa buhay nila. After Titibo-tibo, nagkaroon pa kami ng ilang song collaborations ni Moira. The most recent was the song for presidential bet Leni Robredo.”

Lolito reveals, “Mind you, I was not paid a single penny for the songs I wrote. There was an instance pa nga na I was not even included in the credits sa Spotify. Kung hindi ko pa pinuna, hindi nya pa ire-rectify.”

Lolito Go
IMAGE: @jasonmarvinph on Instagram

Lolito claims Moira asked for ghostwriting price

The post then segues into some of the strange observations Lolito had noticed from Moira, which he accounts from a “mental health condition” that the “Tadhana” singer might be having.

He continues, “May iba pang pagkakataon na nahahalata kong there’s something about Moira. It could be a mental health condition, I’m not sure. I could be wrong.

Pero nahahalata ko na napapadalas ang pagsisinungaling nya. Kung sa akin nagagawa nya ito, ano pa kaya sa mga taong mahal na mahal sya. (I have proofs in case I’ll be asked to produce them.)

Iniisip ko na lang, baka epekto ito ng stress dahil sa napaka-hectic nyang schedule. Or baka side effects ng mga meds nya for her conditions–pcos, psoriasis etc. (Which she publicly talks about naman,). In other words, I always gave her the benefit of the doubt.”

Lolito recalls how Moira did not grant her request several times as these had to be “coordinated with her management,” as well as editing lyrics of a song she asked him to write, and left him out of the credits.

He adds, “Di ko na mabilang kung ilang beses nya akong binigo sa lahat ng requests ko sa kanya, kahit pa para sa advocacies. I asked her kahit maikling video message for a Mental Health Awareness Campaign, which she allegedly champions, pero sineenzone nya lang ako.

Iniisip ko na lang, baka she just couldn’t decide on her own. Lahat daw kasi ng kilos at galaw nya had to be coordinated with her management. Pero kapag sya may kailangan, she would call me, kahit alanganing oras, with matching iyak pa.

“When she asked me to write a song for Leni, she just edited some of the lyrics and it became hers na. She also asked me to pen the caption for her socmed posts about the song. Pero sa mga press release, she got the credits.”

In the succeeding paragraphs, the songwriter then attests to Moira’s penchant for pambobola, who she usually utilizes if there’s ever she needs something done.

He also claims Moira asked him for his price to ghostwrite a song.

“She even asked me kung magkano price ko for ghostwriting for her last year noong nagkakalabuan na sila ni Jason. When I told her my price, tinawaran nya ako for 20k per month. I felt so insulted. But I just kept that to myself.

“When I finally had enough May last year, I blocked her in FB and messenger complete with a long breakup letter,” he reveals.

Lolito Go on Jason and Moira’s breakup

The second part dives deeper into the distant relationship of Moira and Jason, as Lolito shares the truth he has been “itching to write about” for a few months already. . 

Hindi ko na kasi ma-take ang pambabash ng publiko kay Jason. But Jason stopped me because he still wanted to protect Moira. Hindi totoo ang kantang ‘Eme’ ni Moira na ‘wala naman akong kasalanan.’

“Looks and voice can definitely deceive. This soft-spoken lady with a voice of an angel, who always seems to have a sunny disposition, and has a penchant for quoting the Bible, has a dark side unknown to many. (A wolf in sheep’s clothing, ika nga.)

“And I am not surprised sa kung anuman ang narinig ko from those people who saw the whole story (na friends and family din ni Moi). I was strongly advised not to leak any of these. To not even mention it to anyone.”

image 86
IMAGE: @jasonmarvinph on Instagram

He continues, “But I refuse to be quiet. I refuse to be neutral. To be neutral in times of injustice is to take the side of the oppressor. In this case, Moira is more of an oppressor than a victim.

“Jason took all the blame, took all the bashing, in the name of love. That’s how he was raised. To roll with the punches. To give the other cheek. Jason and Moira are both Christians, pero mukhang si Jason lang ang faithful with the teachings of Christ.”

Lolito strongly says that Jason may have been at fault at their relationship but was never involved in any third party.

He writes, “Yes, nagkasala sya. Pero walang third party on Jason’s side. He never fell in love with anyone else. His only sin was he listened to the call of flesh and availed of illicit massage service because Moira couldn’t fulfill his sexual needs.

“And even before Jason confessed to his sin, Moira already wanted out. Dahil nakahanap na rin sya ng pamalit. Someone who will ‘dance in the rain’ with her and call her ‘binibini.’ I’ll leave it to you to guess sino ang tinutukoy ko,” he reveals. 

image 82
IMAGE: @moiradelatorre on Instagram

Lolito even defended Jason for writing his latest song, “Ikaw Pa Rin,” which was also the talk of the town recently.

“Jason was mocked, wrongly accused and crucified while Moira was busy washing her hands and capitalizing on their breakup by writing awkward songs that only serve her interests and twisted sense of reality.

“Yes, you can say that Jason is also trying to capitalize on the breakup, but not for clout. It is predicated on his desire to restore the marriage.

“While EME is mockingly lashing out on Jason, ‘Ikaw Pa Rin’ is a lowkey, heartfelt song that puts Moira on the pedestal of treasured memories.  See the difference?” 

image 85
IMAGE: @jasonmarvinph on Instagram

In the latter part of the post comes a seeming affirmation for Jason, who, according to Lolito, has “carried on with his faith, admitted to his sins and faced all the consequences.”

Furthermore, he says Jason can “withstand the torrent of insults and hate” without any retaliation from “all the lies made up about him being gay, pumatol sa may asawa, may kabit, manggagamit etc.” 

He adds, “Fun fact, did you know that 95% of Moira’s hits were composed by Jason? Paubaya, Ikaw at Ako, Pabilin, EDSA, Patawad, Kumpas, Babalik Sayo, Saglit, and the list goes on. Now tell me sino ang manggagamit?”

As Lolito puts it, Jason “was willing to go down history as the only bad guy, the only one who made a mistake.”  Despite that, “Moira kept singing and releasing defamatory songs against Jason, filling up Araneta Coliseum and touring the world with one purpose for her shows:  to get people’s sympathy.”

image 84
IMAGE: @moiradelatorre on Instagram


While there’s already been a lot said about the issue, Lolito acknowledges Moira as someone who started as a good person. He brought up yet again that the behavior might be from the “success and the medications” that Moira is having— a “fatal combination” as he puts it. 

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Cornerstone Entertainment defends Moira from Lolito’s claims

In response to these claims, Cornerstone Entertainment Vice President Jeff Vadillo has issued a counter-statement defending Moira.

Moira has been a long-time talent of Cornerstone Entertainment.

The post uploaded on Sunday, May 28, 2023 backs Moira’s reputation and dispels the “grossly inaccurate” statement hurled at her.

Jeff writes, “There is this FB Post currently circulating that’s casting shade on her integrity as an artist and songwriter. As a witness to her hard work and genuine talent, I cannot take this sitting down.”

All the more, it explains bits of Lolito’s statements, claiming that Moira, as the “powerhouse songwriter” she is, “would never need the service of a ghostwriter for her songs and compositions.” 

The vice president also claims that even before Moira’s success, she had the capability to produce songs after songs.

In a feisty sense of argument, Jeff says, “Are you implying na mas magaling kang songwriter kaysa sa kanya?”

More so, he says that Moira’s feat is never to be invalidated, as “she does not deserve this.“

His full post reads (published as is):

“I have known Moira for almost 2 Decades. She has been our artist and more than that a Sister to me.

“There is this FB Post currently circulating that’s casting shade on her integrity as an artist and songwriter. As a witness to her hard work and genuine talent, I cannot take this sitting down.

“This person claimed a “FUN FACT” (which is really not fun at all) that 95% of Moira’s hits were composed by Jason Marvin. Paubaya, Ikaw at Ako, Pabilin, EDSA, Patawad, Kumpas, Babalik Sayo, Saglit, and the list goes on. Then he added the question kung sino ang manggagamit?

“That statement is grossly inaccurate. Paubaya and Edsa were both composed by Jason (this is public knowledge. Actually Moira also helped In Paubaya), the other songs Ikaw at Ako, Pabilin, Patawad, Kumpas, Babalik Sayo, Patawad, Kumpas were composed by both by Moira and Jason (Moira even gave a bigger contribution to some of those songs). So as far as these songs are concerned, walang gamitan. Tawag diyan collaboration.

“And collaborating with one another does not make Moira any less of a powerhouse songwriter. Saglit is composed by Moira not to mention the entire Malaya album which includes the mega hits Malaya, Tagu-Taguan, Take her to the Moon and Tagpuan. It is also worth noting that her debut album is what jumpstarted Moira’s career and put her on the map.

“With that in mind, I would also like to add that in the almost 20 years I’ve known Moira, she would never need the service of a Ghostwriter for her songs/Compositions (which this other person is claiming na tumawad pa daw si Moira to the tune of 20k). Masyado genius si Moira to need that.

“Why would she pay when she is more than capable of doing it herself. Hindi pa siya sikat, sumusuka ng Songs after Songs si Moira. Doon sa nag sabi nun – are you implying na mas magaling kang songwriter kaysa sa kanya?

“Stop invalidating the work of a hardworking woman. She does not deserve this.”

Lolito reacts to Jeff Vadillo’s statement

Just a few minutes after, Lolito rolls yet again with another series of words, answering one by one the initial statements of Jeff. It reads: 

“My official response to Jeff Vadillo  of Cornerstone.

“With all due respect, sir, di ko po sinabi sa open letter ko na better songwriter ako. At hindi ko po dinidiscredit si Moira. I actually mentioned na ‘exceptionally gifted songwriter’ at ‘self-made’ sya. Dagdag ko pa, one way or another, she’ll make it to the top.

Pangalawa, sa issue ng ghostwriting, ayoko na pong magpost ng resibo rito. Alam kong inappropriate, if not illegal, maglabas ng screenshots ng private convos. Tanungin nyo na lang po si Moira kung totoong she asked for my services at kung totoong nagpresyo sya.

Pangatlo, sa isyu ng collab nila ni Jason, I never said Jason wrote those songs “alone.” I only said Jason wrote most of Moira’s hits to drive home the point na he is equally talented at hindi nya kelangang makiride or manggamit ng talent ni Moira like a lot of people are saying in social media. Thus, the rhetorical question: “Sino ngayon ang manggagamit?”

Sa isyu naman po ng hindi pagbibigay ng proper credit, di ko naman sinabing sa lahat ng instance ay hindi sya nag-aacknowledge. In one particular instance, my name was not included sa Spotify credit for a song na I wrote 95% of the lyrics and the melody of. Sabi nya, it was an honest mistake. Di nyo ako masisisi if I did not buy that alibi. Pakitanong na rin po sya tungkol sa bagay na ‘yan.”

“Maybe this will be the last time magsasalita ako sa isyu na to. I understand you needed to defend her image, her brand. Cash cow nyo yan eh. Pero wag din ninyong kunsintihin kung may nakikita na kayong red flags.

“Believe it or not, I care for her. i am doing this para mauntog sya at mahimasmasan. Masyadong sheepish ang mga kaibigan at kamaganak ni Jason para ipagtanggol ang sarili nila. I took the initiative na kasi ganito ako noon pa man. I can’t keep mum when injustice presents itself.”

While Lolito is insistent with his claims, there are those who still side with Moira, including ABS-CBN Music creative director Jonathan Manalo.

In a publicized statement on Facebook, Jonathan writes, “Just putting it out there. I vouch for Moira’s good character. I’m not saying she’s perfect because no one is. Pero napakabuting tao niyan.

“And her being an exceptional songwriter is already a given and can never be refuted,” he adds.

As of this writing, Moira and Jason remain mum over the issue.

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