“Male Version” of Liza Soberano is a Complete Look-Alike

Move over, Liza Soberano, there’s a new face in town.

On January 26, Twitter user @thelukevoyage directly tweeted the Filipino actress, and said: “Hi @lizasoberano, I’ve heard from many Filipino fans that I kinda look like a male version of you, I guess I can see that.”

Luke Ishikawa Plowden, who is actually a Japanese-American actor based in Thailand, garnered 70.9k likes (and counting!) and a flurry of comments that agreed. Many commentators put up side-by-sides of the actor and actress and balked at the uncanny resemblance.

Others took the chance to tell Plowden that the actress was taken, joking that he would have to get in line.

This is in reference to the fact that Soberano, who is known to have one of the most beautiful faces in the world, often catches the attention of international stars (re: Justin Bieber, Charlie Puth, and The Chainsmokers just to name a few).

Plowden himself also has a pretty wide fanbase, as he is currently in the series “Wake Up Ladies: Very Complicated” and will star in another upcoming series “Oh My Boss” set to release later this year.

Aside from acting, Plowden has also tried his hand in modeling, as seen in his Instagram.


Plowden and Soberano have more than looks in common — both of them grew up in the States, albeit on opposite ends. The actor studied in the East coast in Pennsylvania while Soberano spent her time on the West coast in California.

Most recently, the actress in question took the comparison in jest and tweeted him back: “Hello long lost brother!” with a waving hand and smiley face emoji. Plowden played along, saying, “Nice to finally meet you, twin sister.”

Though the two don’t necessarily know each other, we love to see wholesome Internet interactions just like these.


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