Matteo Guidicelli Still Not On Speaking Terms With Sarah Geronimo’s Parents

Matteo reveals that he and Sarah attempted to visit her parents’ house several times in the past

Matteo Guidicelli admits that Sarah Geronimo’s parents still don’t talk to him.

Nine years after being married to Sarah, Matteo still has no communication with his parents-in-law, Daddy Delfin and Mommy Divine. Matteo and Sarah tied the knot through a secret civil wedding on February 20, 2020.

Matteo talked his relationship with Sarah’s parents, Divine and Delfin, in the May 15 episode of “Fast Talk with Boy Abunda.”

Boy directly asks Matteo: “You and Sarah drove to the village of Tatay Delfin and Mommy Divine. Hindi raw kayo pinapasok sa gate dahil may instructions na hindi kayo pwedeng pumasok sa bahay ng iyong mga in-laws.

“Is that a true story and how is your relationship with your parents-in-law?”

Matteo initially tries to evade answering the question by saying: “They are my mother-in-law and father-in-law.

“I want to respect them the best way possible, and I just wish one day everything will be okay because I know how much they love Sarah and I know how much Sarah loves them.”

Boy followed up by asking: “How is your relationship and are they talking to each other? Are you guys civil?”

Matteo answers, “We’re civil—I’d like to believe so. I pray every day for strength, wisdom and humility na hopefully, one day, maging okay ang lahat for Sarah’s peace of mind.”

When pressed to confirm or deny the story about them being barred from entering the village, Matteo says with a laugh: “Uhm, nakalimutan ko na, Tito Boy, e.”

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Matteo and Sarah’s attempts to reach out

Boy also asked Matteo if they did an attempt to go to the house of Sarah’s parents in the past.

“There were several instances,” Matteo confirms. “But to speak about it in detail—it’s best to keep it private [out of] respect for them.”

“They’re my in-laws and I wish to love them for Sarah’s sake and for the family’s sake.”

Is Sarah communicating with her parents?

Matteo points out: “I’d like to believe so also. They have a connection naman and I think Sarah’s humility would always… and love for her parents…

Talagang she did a tribute for the dad and mom during the show. It was so touching. It was so beautiful. The whole Araneta was crying, kumbaga. It was so nice.

“You know, at the end of the day, it’s just so important to realize how much you should honor your parents.

“Through thick and thin, whatever happens in life, they’re our parents. They brought us to life and we have to honor them.”

Even though Matteo is not on speaking terms with his in-laws, he is hopeful that things will work out between them in the future.

“There’s always possibilities in life. They’re all doable, possible if you have the proper intentions, di ba?

“It’s pure, straightforward, and with a pure heart, anything is possible.”

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