Is Maureen Wroblewitz Open To Become Friends With JK Labajo Again?

She also expressed her contentment with her current “lowkey” relationship

Beauty queen and model Maureen Wroblewitz does not close her doors to the possibility of becoming friends with her ex-boyfriend, singer-actor Juan Karlos “JK” Labajo

In an interview with reporters at the red carpet event of the film “Take Me to Banaue,” Maureen says, “Maybe one day, but I think we’re kinda like trying to find ourselves separately, and I think that’s good.”

Despite their breakup, Maureen expressed happiness for herself and JK as they pursue their respective careers.

“He’s been doing great with his music, and he’s going to acting. As for me, I’ve been trying to venture back to modeling. We’re doing well individually,” she shared.

JK and Maureen’s relationship started in 2019 but separated in 2022.

Maureen on JK’s “Ere”

JK’s recent hit song, “Ere” was revealed to be inspired by Maureen.

In the interview, Maureen was asked for her reaction about the song.

She answered, “Yeah! It’s gonna kind of like a delayed.. a delayed song. Because it takes very long to release a song, so it just happened to be last year, but for sure it’s like it should have been before.”

When asked if JK still hadn’t moved on from her, Maureen assured that they were both doing well.

“No naman. It’s just like it takes a long time to release a song, and we’re both doing good naman,” she clarified.

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Currently, she is in a relationship with Noah Steinbuch, a model based in Los Angeles.

Maureen shared how she is contented with their “lowkey” relationship.

“Our relationship is very lowkey, and we’re happy. It’s more like working a lot on myself. And I discovered so much about myself, and I’ve grown so much. It helps me grow, and I prioritize myself, which is great,” she explained.

As for JK, he recently revealed his relationship with Miss Universe Philippines-Cavite Dia Mate.

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