Max Collins Confirms Separation From Pancho Magno

“Nilaban namin hangga’t kaya ng mga puso namin”

Max Collins has finally spoken up about his separation from estranged husband Pancho Magno.

Both are talents of GMA-7 under its talent management arm, Sparkle GMA Artist Center.

Max admitted the separation for the first time in her interview with “Fast Talk With Boy Abunda” on Monday, May 29, 2023.

According to her, their separation happened “a long time ago” during the height of the pandemic.

She has remained silent but now, Max tells Boy Abunda that “I’m ready to talk about it.”

Max Collins separation from Pancho Magno: not a teleserye

Max admits that she intentionally did not speak about the separation as it was happening.

She says, “We didn’t talk about it because, siyempre, marami kaming pinagdaanan as a family at that time because there was a pandemic, nanganak ako.

“My marriage was falling apart. I had to process everything and I wanted to quiet the noise.

“I didn’t want to hear other people’s opinions, suggestions, comments, because, I mean, artista po ako, di ba?

“So, ayoko namang gawing teleserye ang buhay namin. We’re not here for, like, likes, subscribe, and comments. So, ayun, we decided to keep quiet about it.”

Max Collins separation
Max Collins

“Nilaban namin hangga’t kaya.”

Max and Pancho have been together for eight years, that’s why it was not easy when they decided to end the relationship.

Max shares, “We’ve been together for, like, eight years total. Nilaban namin hangga’t kaya ng mga puso namin in a sense where dumating yung point that we stopped becoming in denial about it…

“I didn’t want to lie to myself anymore. I think he didn’t want to as well.”

Max can safely say that both she and Pancho are “in a good place” and Pancho even gave Max his blessing to do the interview and open up about their relationship.

Max tells Boy, “That’s why I’m ready to talk about it now because we’re in a good place.

“I actually got his blessing to do this interview with you. We’re in a very good place now.

“Our child is almost three and he’s very happy and healthy and we’re so blessed and we have a very good co-parenting relationship.

“We’re the best of friends, actually. We’re closer now.”

Max Collins separation
Pancho Magno

Co-parenting set-up

Max and Pancho got married in December 2017. During the pandemic, Max gave birth to their only son, Skye.

According to Max, Skye has already gotten used to their set-up.

“While he was growing up, never niya kaming nakita na magkasama. I mean, he doesn’t have a memory of that so he’s always used to… ‘When I’m with Mommy, I’m with Mommy. When I’m with Daddy, I’m with Daddy.’

“So, he always looks forward to see the other one because he gets the best of each of us. Parang, like, he’s bored na with me so susunduin na siya ni Daddy. Okay, masaya siya to go with Daddy. Yon ‘yung nakasanayan niya.”

Of course, going through the painful process allowed Max to learn lessons about herself because of the separation.

She shares, “You have to respect yourself, love yourself enough to leave the table when your needs aren’t being met…

“I need to love myself more to know what makes me happy and what can make me the best version of myself because you only have one life to live. That’s what I’ve learned.”

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