Maymay Entrata Clarifies Recent Instagram Post Is Not Related to Ex-Boyfriend

Maymay Entrata protects her ex-boyfriend from bashers

Maymay Entrata defends her ex-boyfriend, Aaron Haskell, from bashers who inferred that her recent Instagram post in taking “the wrong path again” was about him.

The topic was brought to light when she published a post on Instagram about her spiritual journey and recovering from her wounds.

She recounts, “I’ve been a Christian since 2015, got lost when I entered the industry, was invited and attended favor church last 2019, took the wrong path again (2021) not until 2023, when I slowly came back to Him.”

As she mentioned going the “wrong path again,” fans showed concern for the actress, thinking she might have been pertaining about her relationship with Aaron. 

Previously, speculations stirred up on Maymay’s break-up with Aaron when the two unfollowed each other on Instagram in March 2024. 

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Maymay clarifies her post

The “Amakabogera” singer quickly dismissed the pointed fingers on Aaron. 

In a post on X on Monday, April 1, 2023, she makes it clear that she was coming from a different story that has no connection to her latest relationship.

She writes (published as is), “Hello po sa lahat, gusto ko lang po mag explain ng konti about dun sa last post ko sa IG.

“‘I took a wrong path again nung 2021’ it was my past trauma po. I was hurt and so I hurt other people even the people I love.”

That being said, Maymay protects Aaron by wishing for a more considerate heart from everyone who followed their relationship.

Her tweet continues, “I’m asking lang po sana to be kind especially po from my past relationship (Aaron). Do not take this against him. From the bottom of my heart maraming salamat po.

The Kapamilya star first publicized her long-distance relationship with her Canadian ex-boyfriend in February 2022 in time for Valentine’s Day.

Patching up wounds through spiritual healing

Maymay moves forward with her dedication to Christian life. 

She may have battled through challenging times—from feeling lost to making the same mistakes, but she is eager to stay true to her faith more than ever.

She solidified her spirituality with the announcement of her baptism.

She continued on Instagrma, “When He wrapped His arms around me, without condemning who I was and what I did, it was my turn to surrender all that I am & all that I do for Him — acknowledging that it is He who is in control of my life and not me. Now, I want to seek Him first before anything else because I know by doing so, everything will fall into its right place.”

On Easter Sunday, March 31, 2024, the Kapamilya artist celebrated her Baptism where symbolic sightings weathered her moment. 

The actress’ caption concludes, “Ps. This is a raw video of my Baptism earlier 10am and then I noticed something, pagkaahon ko mula sa tubig, they were praying for me and while doing that, I noticed that the color of the video suddenly changed, i didn’t bother about it but then I remember someone gave me another video earlier, and then i got goosebumps coz the light was from outside, above the sky.. I just remember when Jesus was baptized by John.”

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