Megan Young, Mikael Daez Enjoy Playing Anti-Hero Husband And Wife In “Royal Blood”

Megan and Mikael are happy to work together for a murder-mystery series

After five years, real-life couple Megan Young and Mikael Daez are working together again in a teleserye. They will play husband and wife in the Kapuso primetime series, “Royal Blood.”

Megan and Mikael last worked together in the afternoon series “The Stepdaughters,” which aired in 2018.

But what makes this show exciting and challenging is that even though they are playing a married couple in “Royal Blood,” their characters are way different from how they are in real life.

In the series, Mikael plays Kristoff, the eldest son of tycoon Gustavo Royales (Tirso Cruz III), who was surprised and threatened to find out that he has another brother, Napoy (Dingdong Dantes). Megan is Diana, Kristoff’s wife who is actually the ex-girlfriend of Napoy.

Kristoff, Diana, and Napoy later become suspects in the murder of Gustavo along with their other siblings.

Megan says about this, “How we are in real life, hindi mo makikita dito sa ‘Royal Blood,’ because I feel like our characters have deep dark secrets na ayaw ipaalam sa ibang tao and may layers when you’re watching our characters on screen.”

As for Mikael, he is enjoying doing a murder-mystery show for the first time. Adding to the thrill is that they do not know the real killer.

Mikael explains, “I’ve been enjoying doing this show with everyone and, in particular, the dynamic I have with Megan or Diana, and it’s different.

“We are all enjoying because the genre is very different, at least for me. Para sa akin, this is the first time being part of a show that’s a murder mystery. Even the way it’s written and the way we try to figure out our characters and how we relate to the other characters, it’s a bit different kasi yun nga, hindi rin namin alam kung ano yung end goal dito, e. Hindi namin alam sino yung killer.”

Megan adds, “Hindi rin natin alam kung tayo ba yun!

Mikael continues, “Baka nga, di ba? So, it’s part of the adventure and I also do find it fulfilling and in particular, back to me and Megan, being able to have a dynamic that otherwise we would not have and I think it’s also a fun adventure.”

FreebieMNL spoke to Megan and Mikael during the June 9 media conference of “Royal Blood” at Luxent Hotel, Quezon City.

Mikael Megan Royal Blood
Megan Young and Mikael Daez

Challenge to build chemistry

Even though they are married in real life, Mikael and Megan still find building the chemistry of their characters a “challenge.”

Mikael explains, “I think I would use the word challenge because it is a challenge, kasi parang kung madali siya, baka isipin mo, ‘Okay, sige. Madali lang yan.’

“It is a process and, every week that the script comes out, your characters and the relationship with other characters are evolving as well. So, it definitely is a challenge, but it’s a challenge that I look forward to and that I’m enjoying so far.”

For Megan, it is in building the chemistry of their characters and doing their scenes where their relationship as real-life husband and wife comes out.

Miss World 2013 expounds, “May build up din siya kasi kapag nag-uusap kami, kapag nag-eeksena kami, parang usapang mag-asawa pa rin na ganito tayo, ito yung dynamic natin, ganito tayo magpu-push forward pag kausap natin si Napoy, si Gustavo, ito yung teamwork natin bilang mag-asawang Diana at Kristoff.

“So, nakakatuwa kasi nadadala din namin yung dynamic namin pero iba yung ano nila, e, basta! Iba yung vibes!”

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Playing anti-hero characters

It is also the first time in a long time that Megan and Mikael are both playing anti-hero characters to the main character, played by Dingdong Dantes.

However, Megan and Mikael see their characters differently in terms of how they should portray them.

Megan, whose last kontrabida role was in TV5’s 2013 series “Misibis Bay,” is enjoying how she plays a character far from her in real life.

She says, “I’m having so much fun because iba talaga yung dynamic namin, and I feel like yun yung exciting part doon, e, kasi, ‘Halika dito, asawa ko!’

Ibang iba siya. I’m enjoying how Diana is interacting with Kristoff kasi it doesn’t come naturally to me as Megan.”

But how does she find Diana, her character?

Megan answers, “I feel like, so, each of the characters, sila ang main character sa buhay nila. Everyone else, kontrabida sa buhay nila. Parang feeling ko, ganon, e.

“So, everybody else is a support, and then feeling nila, ‘Ako yung bida dito, e.’ So, I guess si Napoy, because he’s not part of the original plan, parang hindi siya kasama sa plano namin and now, we have to think of everyone else, hassle siya sa buhay natin.

“So, I feel like, basta, nandun yung mindset namin na ‘Okay, masisira ang plano natin dahil kay Napoy.’ Parang nagtutuluy-tuloy yung pagiging anti-heroine namin because Napoy is the main character of ‘Royal Blood’ and we’re the kontrabida in his life, pero hindi niya alam na siya yung kontrabida sa amin.”

For Mikael, his process includes knowing his character deeper, not only looking into him as the show’s kontrabida.

He narrates, “In a way, you can say that I’m an anti-hero on paper to a certain extent. So, here si Kristoff, medyo may temper siya, mainitin ang ulo, masungit.

“But for me, looking into Kristoff, I don’t try to understand his character na, ‘Okay, kontrabida ito or anti-hero ito or dark character ito [but] sino si Kristoff?’

“And then, from there, I just use the script as my guide to guide Kristoff into the scene, I talk to my co-actor, to my director. So, para sa akin, iba yung atake ko.

“I don’t think about it as black and white na okay, bida, kontrabida, hero, anti-hero. I look at it more as ‘Sino yung character ko? Ano yung kwento? Okay, let’s go through this journey together.’”

“Royal Blood,” headlined by Dingdong Dantes, also features Rhian Ramos, Lianne Valentin, Rabiya Mateo, Dion Ignacio, together with Sparkle Teens Aidan Veneracion, Princess Aaliyah, and James Graham, with the special participation of Tirso Cruz III.

The show helmed by director Dominic Zapata will premiere on June 19 on GMA Telebabad after “Voltes V: Legacy.”

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