3 Book Characters We Missed in the “To All the Boys” 3 Movie

Even though the “To All the Boys: Always and Forever” film was based on Jenny Han‘s young adult novel, not everything was the same. From the reason why Lara Jean and Peter broke up, to the schools they wanted to go to for college–there were lots of differences between the book and movie adaptation.

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Aside from these details, there were also a few characters we missed! Here are 3 characters from the book we wish we also saw in the film:

1. Lara Jean’s Korean Grandmother

In the book, the Song Covey sisters were set to go to Korea for a month during the summer break. The trip itself did not happen in the book, but their Korean grandmother on their Mom’s side was supposed to go with them and stay at their great-aunt’s place in Seoul.


Their grandmother appeared briefly in the second film, though! Spot her during the scene where they celebrated Korean New Year with their relatives. This was also when Kitty started telling their cousin Haven all about Lara Jean and Peter.

2. Ravi, Margot’s Boyfriend

Lara Jean’s older sister, Margot, introduced Ravi to their family when they flew to the US for spring break. Ravi’s parents are Indian, but he was born and raised in London. Lara Jean described him to be “tall and skinny with dark skin and dark hair and dark eyes and long lashes.”

Ravi and Lara Jean are both Potterheads and got along really well–they even guessed each other’s Hogwarts Houses right!


3. John Ambrose McClaren

John Ambrose didn’t didn’t disappear right after the second book! He’s met someone new after moving on from what happened between him and Lara Jean. He even introduced his girlfriend named Dipti, whom he met at a Model UN convention, to LJ and Peter.


Just like Lara Jean and Peter, John Ambrose and Dipti are going to be in a long-distance relationship since they’re planning on attending different universities.


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