5 Films to Help You Get More Creative

Some people don’t believe in creative blocks, but for most it’s real.

We find ourselves in a creative humdrum that leaves us paralyze and overwhelmed with ideas. As we grow older and wiser, we learn about many things from other artists and we tend to compare our artistic process with them. You must know that there is no correct formula on how to approach creativity. If one style doesn’t work for you, then don’t do it. Overthinking is usually what makes us doubt ourselves. Being overwhelmed with things we want to do and not having enough time makes us spiral down in a creative humdrum.

Whether you are a chef, a writer, a painter, a graphic designer, or a creative Jack-of-trades, if you do find yourself stuck in an abyss of difficulty to create something new, STOP. Find your inspiration. Sometimes, we sell ourselves to the idea of grandeur that we forget the simple things.

Here’s a list of films to help you annihilate your creative humdrum:

Chef (2014)

Chef is a film starring and directed by Jon Favreau. Chef Carl Casper (John Favreau) lost his job after a heated debate with the owner of the restaurant he worked for. He wanted to bring in fresh ideas to the menu before acclaimed food critic, Ramsey Michel (Oliver Platt). But the owner, Riva (Dustin Hoffman) was a purist to his old menu. After going viral online with his meltdown, Chef Casper attempts to start afresh by putting up a food truck, which he had strong opinions at first as not something a chef of a famous restaurant should be part of. With his pride, arrogance and dignity all down the drain, he found success in making his life simpler and happier, while building a relationship with his neglected son and estranged ex-wife.

Many viewers thought that this film was highly sponsored by social media apps, but failed to see that this film was actually teaching creatives about the power of social media in our modern times that even a 10-year old kid was able to become Head of Marketing. Now streaming on Netflix.

Julie and Julia (2009)

A film based on a book of the same title written from a real life story. Julie Powell (Amy Adams) is a 9 to 5 government employee who is looking for a creative outlet as her reprieve and break from the monotony of her life. She decided that she will take on the challenge of cooking 524 recipes by renowned home-maker, Julia Childs (Meryl Streep) from the book Mastering the Art of French Cooking. She challenged herself and started blogging her cooking which became a huge success in the online world. She faced difficulties in her marriage as she became obsess with finishing the recipes within 365 days.

Even being noticed by her hero, Julia Childs, was not a success because Childs was not impressed. However, despite the trials and the mishaps, she was able to finish the recipes and her blog. This paved way for her to be an author of many other books later on. Now streaming on Netflix.

Exit Through The Gift Shop (2010)

Who doesn’t know Banksy? Banksy is an elusive anonymous graffiti/street artist who is known all over the world. The story follows eccentric French shopkeeper, Thierry Guetta who made friends with Banksy and became a personal acolyte to the artist by following him around to document his adventures. The film then had a surprising twist when the camera turned to Guetta himself. There is a huge speculation that maybe this is not really a documentary, but a film that Banksy made himself. Regardless of the truth, this gives us a glimpse about the world of street art and the process that comes with it.

There is a lesson underneath this all as well — a simple man can make his own art and get famous at it. Guetta is known in the graffiti world as Mr. Brainwash.

Saint Laurent (2014)

This is a film that shows immense love for fabric. Written and directed by Bertrand Bornello, Saint Laurent showcases a non-linear look at the man behind Yves Saint Laurent. Starring Gaspard Ulliel as Yves Saint Laurent, the film shows how a man born from Algeria conquers the world of fashion when he moved to France, becoming an icon in the fashion industry.

The Dancer (2016)

Set in 1887 New York. After the death of her father, 25-year old Marie-Louise leaves the West Coast and lives with her mother in New York to follow her dream to become an actor. One night while on stage, she made a historical move to prevent herself from falling that gave birth to a signature dance called Serpentine Dance. She became famous and changed her name to Loie Fuller to conquer Paris, but then faced challenges from imitators.

Many great artists have overcome their self-doubt in their creativity. Anyone can become a creative but only those who are willing to make it work and give themselves a chance will be granted success.

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