5 Guilty Pleasure Reality Shows You Can Binge on Netflix Now

Netflix has an impeccable selection of series from elaborate dramas and thrillers that keep you guessing to witty comedies with complex characters and intelligent jokes. However, there are just those days when you’re not in the mood to watch something that makes you think. Sometimes, you just want to get invested in reality shows full of petty drama, fan favorites to root for, and villains you’ll love to hate. Thankfully, Netflix has the perfect picks for when you’re craving exactly that. 

Here are just a few guilty-pleasure reality TV series you can find on Netflix that’ll get you binging:

The Circle 

This show is literally a popularity contest. Without meeting each other face to face, the contestants must gain the highest ratings through how they present themselves via social media. Here’s the catch: they can either play as themselves or be a catfish, depending on which option they believe will get the other players to like them more. This game of social media, fake personas, and sticking to strategies while getting people to like you will have you clicking Next Episode without hesitation each time. 

Too Hot to Handle 

Put a group of attractive and promiscuous people on a resort together, enforce a rule that no physical intimacy is allowed, deduct money from the cash prize each time the rule is broken, and what do you get? A reality show that’s equal parts frustrating and entertaining. Sit back, relax, and watch all the drama unfold as they point fingers, try to evade blame, and find out just how much their actions are going to cost them.

Keeping Up With the Kardashians

Whether you love them or hate them, you can’t deny that the Kardashians make good TV. From family drama that spirals out of control quicker than you can imagine to funny moments that have become iconic memes over the years, there’s so much going on in this series that makes you understand why the show has been so many people’s trashy TV favorite over the years. 

Love is Blind 

In this show, contestants go on several dates with each other until they find their one true love. However, during these dates, they can’t see each other and only get to meet after they get engaged! The best part is that you get to follow the participants after the engagements and see just how much the differences that didn’t matter when they couldn’t see each other – like race, age, and physical intimacy – affect their life in the real world and their decision to say “I do.”

Love Island

Throughout the series, the cast is put on an island where they must find and swap fellow contestants to couple up with. At the end of the show, one couple, which is supposedly a match made in heaven after all the challenges thrown at them throughout the series, comes out victorious. With all the ways the Islanders couple up, try to prove they’re the most compatible, and do their best to avoid getting eliminated, there’s definitely no shortage of drama and twists that are hard to take your eyes off.



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