5 Netflix Series We Had to Say Goodbye to Too Soon This 2020

While we spent the majority of 2020 in quarantine, we thankfully had dozens of Netflix series to keep us company while we self-isolate. However, while the slate of series that came to our screens this year was phenomenal, we had to say goodbye to a few as well. 

This included satisfying series endings to beloved Netflix Originals like Bojack Horseman, which concluded after a strong six-season run. Unfortunately, there were also shows axed way too soon. Here are just a few of them:

The Society

The Society (TV Series 2019) - IMDb

This show is about high-schoolers who return from a school trip to find out everyone else has vanished. What first seems like an opportunity for freedom quickly becomes a struggle to survive and establish their own society. With its compelling premise and cast, it’s understandable why fans are upset when Netflix changed their mind about renewing it because of COVID-related production concerns.


GLOW has been renewed on Netflix for a second season - The Verge

Another show that was renewed for a new season before Netflix decided to cancel it after all was GLOW. This series about the hardships, triumphs, and glitter of female wrestling had all the wit, diversity, and substance you could ask for from a drama-comedy. It’s definitely a bummer that we won’t be getting a final season to see how these women’s narratives wrap up. 

I Am Not Okay With This

I Am Not Okay with This' on Netflix | EW.com

Whether you like coming-of-age stories or not, this show is one of the many in the genre that people loved. It followed Sophia as she had to deal with her new superpowers on top of everything else that was already going on in her life: friends, family, school, and exploring her sexuality. While they were set to start filming a second season, production realized how much it was going to cost to keep it up amid COVID and had to cancel it. 


Mindhunter (TV Series 2017—2019) - IMDb

This psychological thriller had everyone at the edge of their seat episode after episode with riveting performances and writing that made it everyone’s favorite crime drama. Despite the positive reviews from both audiences and critics, though, apparently the viewership numbers weren’t enough. While there isn’t an official announcement of the cancellation, there are no plans to continue production and even showrunner David Fincher said season 3 was unlikely to happen. 

Anne With An E

Anne with an E (TV Series 2017—2019) - IMDb

Also a fan favorite that didn’t get enough viewers to justify production costs as Anne With An E, a reimagining of Anne of Green Gables that fleshed out characters and backstories that made viewers fall in love. While fan campaigns to revive it are to be reckoned with (fans even bought billboards throughout Canada to advertise it at one point and the petition is now closing in on 1.5 million signatures), there’s still no news about reversing the cancellation. 


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