5 top-rated Pinoy films to watch on Netflix with your family

However pleasant to watch a movie alone, it’s always a fun time to spend what used to be a solitary moment, with all your loved ones enjoying it as well.

Categories vary from action to thriller, horror to sci-fi, comedies to fantasy, and so on. While these genres provide brilliant stories, not all are “family-friendly”. In a Filipino setup, a romantic comedy is usually the perfect choice. Everyone can relate to the funny anecdotes and characters that are normally portrayed as quirky or someone close to your neighbor next door. Although tagged as romantic and comedy, these films can be a real tearjerker often than not.

Miss Granny

miss granny 1

A 70-year old Fely, portrayed by Ms. Nova Villa, passes by a photo studio where portraits of her favorite actress, Audrey Hepburn, are put on display. She went in to get her photo taken and later realizes that she fell back into her 20s, played by Sarah Geronimo.

Being a comedy as well as a family drama, everyone can acquaint themselves with some of the characters especially grandchildren and parents who take care of their elders.



Another Sarah G-starred movie is Unforgettable, set with a premise of love, perseverance, and pain. Main character Jasmine goes to her grandmother in Baguio bringing along with her a stray dog she befriended and named “Happy”. She believes that Happy can cure her grandmother and so she travels from her house in Manila all the way to the north. Unforgettable is a formulaic “it is not the destination, but the journey” film where Jasmine’s worldview changes as she meets people along the way.



Birdshot is the first Pinoy film launched worldwide by Netflix and was nominated in the Oscars under the Foreign Language Film category. It also received multiple nominations here and overseas. The story begins with a farm girl who is taught by her father to use a gun. While wandering in the woods, she inadvertently shoots an endangered Philippine Eagle. Authorities track down the culprit which leads them to a “horrific discovery”.

Disclaimer: There might need adult supervision if children are around.

Heneral Luna

heneral luna

This historical biopic of Heneral Luna has shaken viewers with its forthright depiction of the country’s political stature during the American colonization. The script made betrayal to kin and nation realized through the powerful delivery of lines particularly Heneral Luna himself, John Arcilla. This is a good teaching material for grade-schoolers who are starting to learn about the history and heroes of the Philippines.

Another disclaimer: parental guidance is advised.

Seven Sundays

seven sundays

This is a story on siblinghood that turned sour after several years of being apart. Seven Sundays is a family drama that highlights forgiveness among brothers and sisters. Like the typical Pinoy film, sickness acts as a catalyst that leads to revealing each character’s flaws and imperfections. When Tatay Manuel was diagnosed with cancer, all of his children came home to look after him and hopefully spend more time with their father until his last days. Soon they realize the purpose of this circumstance that digs deep into their issues with one another.

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