Add These Films to Your Holy Week Watchlist

Holy Week is a special time for Christians to pray and reflect on the life and death of Jesus Christ. Different families celebrate the religious event in different ways, but now that we’ve officially entered ECQ again, one of the safer activities we can take part in is watching films that help us remember Christ.

Here’s a list of movies that you can watch this week to commemorate all things holy.

Jesus of Nazareth (1977)

Add These Films to Your Holy Week Watchlist
Photo from Sky

Not a film, but a British-Italian TV series, Jesus of Nazareth details the several momentous events in the New Testament. From the birth of Jesus to the raising of Lazarus and Judas’ betrayal, the six-hour miniseries gives viewers a more naturalistic look into the life of Christ.

The Passion of the Christ (2004)

The Passion of the Christ 4
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The Passion of the Christ, famously directed by Mel Gibson, is a classic for anyone looking to know more about what exactly the Passion is. With stark visuals and dramatic storytelling, this film is a must-watch for Holy Week.

Son of God (2014)

SonOfGod 2014 1
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One of the highest-grossing Christian films of all time, Son of God retells the life of Jesus Christ from the Nativity until the Resurrection. It’s a lengthy epic worth the watch if you want to feel more in touch with your spirituality and the story of Jesus.

Heaven Is for Real (2014)

heaven is for real650x325 628x325 1
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While not necessarily a film about the life and death of Christ, Heaven Is for Real is about a boy who experiences the spiritual through an emergency surgery. The film preaches about true faith and the gifts that the mysteries in life bring — a perfect introduction to religion for younger children.

Miracles from Heaven (2016)

160402 miracles from heaven film still yh 0209p 2000w
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This Jennifer Garner-led flick is another faith-based film that showcases the miracles we encounter in everyday life. It follows the story of a young girl afflicted with an unfortunate illness and the struggles her family faces in trying to find treatment. Give it a watch if you’re looking for something that will spark hope in difficult times. 

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