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Will Alexandra Daddario Be Part Of The New ‘Percy Jackson’ Series On Disney+?

When news about a new Disney+ project based on Rick Riordan’s “Percy Jackson & the Olympians” series broke out last year, fans were eager to push for Logan Lerman–who played the title character then–to audition for the new adaptation, this time for the role of Poseidon.

Aside from Logan, many fans also wish to see Alexandra Daddario –who played Annabeth Chase in the movies–appear on the show. But as early as now, Alexandra revealed that she will not be part of the new Disney+ series.

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During a recent interview with TheWrap, Alexandra Daddario said that even though she will not be involved in the new “Percy Jackson” series, she will always hold the experience of being part of “Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief” and “Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters” close to her heart.

“I loved ‘Percy Jackson.’ Like, I loved it. When I stepped into ‘Percy Jackson’ and got that job, I had no idea what it was. I was like, a bit part actor in New York City, you know? I was a kid, I was working at a bar, I didn’t have any idea of Hollywood or of all this stuff,” she said.

“And so when I got that job, I didn’t really know what I was stepping into. I knew it was a really big movie. And it was the most amazing experience for a 22/23-year-old to have.”

Alexandra added that landing the role of Annabeth was a life-changing opportunity and that she looks forward to seeing who will play the role next.

Chris Columbus, who directed it, and his producing partners were so supportive, I’m eternally grateful to them. And, you know, I learned so much and I’ve gone on to have a career in the business that I wanted to have. And that’s amazing,” she said.

“I am so excited for the kids that are going to be cast in that and how they’ll inspire a new generation of young women. Like it’s so cool, Annabeth is a really inspiring character to people. But no, I don’t know anything about it beyond that, and I shouldn’t! I was just the girl in the movie.”

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