Guillermo del Toro’s Horror Anthology ‘Cabinet Of Curiosities’ Heading To Netflix

He’s taking his penchant for fairy tales with a twist to the small screen.

Cabinet Of Curiosities is a Guillermo Del Toro opus that can scare the living hell out of anyone. Del Toro is a writer and filmmaker, and almost all his works are chilling and terrifying.

Some of his notable films are Pan’s Labyrinth and The Shape of Water. He’s also done a few horror series such as The Strain, a vampire tale.

But what makes Cabinet Of Curiosities a cut above the rest?

What we know about ‘Cabinet Of Curiosities’

It’s an eight-part series and Guillermo Del Toro takes the helm twice. But a few other filmmakers have joined the fray and contributed to the series.

Catherine Hardwicke, David Prior, and Vincenzo Natali are among the directors. Hardwicke is best known for her work on Thirteen (2003) and Lords Of Dogtown (2005).  Prior directed The Empty Man (2020), a supernatural horror film. Vincenzo Natali directed Splice (2009), a sci-fi horror film.

Lee Patterson and Regina Corrado join the band of screenwriters. They’ve both worked on other projects for TV and film. Lee Patterson wrote the teleplay for Pickman’s Model, a short story inspired by H.P. Lovecraft. Regina Corrado adapted Lot 36 for the screen, and the story is a Guillermo Del Toro original.

When will it hit Netflix?

Netflix has released the trailer already, and the series is set to air on October 25. But all eight episodes won’t come out at the same time as other series on Netflix.

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Cabinet of Curiosities will release two episodes per day. It will take until October 28 to complete the series. You can click “Remind Me” on Netflix so you’ll receive a notification when the first two episodes drop.

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