Calling all ‘Kingdom’ fans: Netflix will release a spin-off episode entitled ‘Ashin of the North’

As of now, Netflix still hasn’t renewed the Korean zombie series ‘Kingdom’ for a third season. Despite being wildly popular on the streaming platform, talks are still ongoing as to whether or not we’ll find out what comes next after the cliffhanger that the last episode brought us. 

At the end of season 2, we are given a glimpse into the new character that Jun Ji Hyun will be playing. Not much is shown aside from her looking over her shoulder at us. At least one thing is clear from that ending – there’s a new lead character in town.

If you’ve been trying to figure out who her character is, your theories might soon be put to rest because Netflix just released a teaser on a spin-off episode entitled ‘Ashin of the North’. This special episode will explore Jun Ji Hyun’s character, Ashin. Accompanying her in this episode is Park Byung Eun’s Min Chi Rok, the head of the royal commandery in ‘Kingdom’. 

Hopefully, by the time season 3 comes around, we’re caught up in the backstory of Kingdom’s new character, Ashin. 

A specific date was not announced but you can definitely expect this in 2021. Seems far away but we’re almost there! 


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