Catch the First Episode of Monsters at Work

Monsters at Work is a T.V. series sequel to the 2001 hit Disney-Pixar movie, Monsters, Inc. It’s a Disney+ exclusive that follows Tylor Tuskmon, a newly hired monster that’s always dreamed about becoming a Scarer. However, he finds that things have changed within the company since Mike and Sully took over and might have to re-think his career.

Catch the First Episode of Monsters at Work
Photo: Disney+

What has changed?

Henry J. Waternoose III, CEO of Monsters, Inc., got arrested at the end of the original movie. This series takes place shortly after that, with Mike and Sully taking over. The power plant that once harvested the screams of children to power Monstropolis is now after laughter instead. New characters are introduced, but the original voice cast members reprise their roles.

Recurring Cast

Despite being set in the same timeline, Boo will not be included in the sequel. “We [Pete Docter] both agreed the relationship between Boo and Sully is so precious and so wonderful that we want to leave it to the world to have their own interpretation of how that relationship continued, and not define it,” Executive producer Bobs Gannaway told Radio Times. Mike Wazowkski, James P. Sullivan, Celia Mae, Ms. Flint, and Roz still appear in the series, so there will definitely be familiar faces.

Meet the MIFT Members

Tylor Tuskmon just graduated top of the class from Monsters University and dreamt of becoming a Scarer. But by the time he gets his dream job at Monsters, Inc., the company has changed its business model from scaring children to making them laugh. He’s temporarily reassigned to the MIFT department upon his arrival while he works on his comedy. In the Monsters Incorporated Facilities Team, he’s joined by supervisor Fritz, Duncan, Cutter, and Val Little, a former classmate at M.U.

We already saw the prequel to Monsters, Inc., and it’s about time we got a sequel. After it was delayed to premiere in 2020, the first episode finally aired on July 7, and you can catch it only on Disney+.


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