Clint Barton meets Kate Bishop in first preview of Disney’s ‘Hawkeye’

Here comes another arrow-shooting Avenger.

While the world still reels from the twist-filled ‘Loki,’ Disney’s next live-action series in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is already starting to take shape: Hawkeye, which, unlike in the movies, may pertain to more than one agile archer this time.

In the first-look photo released by Marvel Studios on Thursday and exclusively copped by Entertainment Weekly, Jeremy Renner’s Clint Barton finally faces off with a young female archer by the name of Kate Bishop, played by Hailee Steinfeld, while surrounded with what seems like a bunch of archery equipment.

Clint Barton meets Kate Bishop in first preview of Disney's 'Hawkeye'
(Image: Marvel)

Fans of the Marvel comics were delighted to discover that the story is jumping out of the pages and into the screens. Created by writer Allan Heinberg and artist Jim Cheung, Kate Bishop first appeared in Young Avengers back in 2005, a comic book series that saw the character take up the Hawkeye mantle since the original superhero was dead at the time. The two would then stand side-by-side as archers of different generations in the Hawkeye solo comic by Matt Fraction and David Aja, which ran from 2012 to 2015.

Speaking to EW, Renner shared that, similar to his eagle-eyed character, he too took on the task of introducing to and mentoring the newer Steinfeld about how things in the MCU operate. 

“[Kate is] a 22-year-old kid and she’s a big Hawkeye fan,” says Renner. “She has a wonderfully annoying and equally charming manner about her, because she’s such a fangirl of Hawkeye. The relationship grows from that, but the biggest problem for Clint is Kate Bishop and the onslaught of problems that she brings into his life.”

Outside of acting in the thing, I was protecting her and giving her the CliffsNotes on how it goes with this kind of filmmaking: Green screen, superhero life, all that stuff,” Renner adds. “I just wanted to protect her, because there’s a lot of physical stuff. She’s a wonderful actress, a wonderful human, and I can’t wait to see all the cool stuff that she’s able to do.”

Hawkeye takes aim at a November 24 premiere date on Disney+.

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