Did You Spot Author Jenny Han’s Cameos in the “To All the Boys” Movies?

It’s not uncommon for authors to make special appearances in the film adaptations of their books. We’ve seen lots of famous authors do it: Stephenie Meyer in the Twilight Saga, Stan Lee in Marvel Comics films, and John Green in Paper Towns, among others.

jenny han cameos

Photos: Instagram/jennyhan

If you’re one of the eagle-eyed fans of the “To All the Boys” films, then you might have caught author Jenny Han‘s cameos in all three movies! Here’s a list of all her TATB cameos as Adler High’s Principal Cho:

Movie #1: At the school dance

Jenny made her first appearance in the “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before” movie as a sort of chaperone during the school event where Lara Jean Covey and Lucas James danced together. In an Instagram post, she revealed that it was actually a Titanic-themed dance!

Movie #2: Comforting a crying student on Valentine’s Day

30 minutes into “To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You,” Jenny briefly appeared as a concerned adult, comforting a crying student in the cafeteria. They were surrounded by lots of couples, gold, pink, and red heart-shaped balloons, and everything else that would remind one of Valentine’s Day.

Movie #3: Handing out awards

We finally found out the name of Jenny’s character in a flashback scene of Lara Jean and Peter Kavinsky’s “meet-cute” in the third film! In a letter (slash contract), Peter told Lara Jean, “Principal Cho called you to go up on stage to receive an attendance award, and your hair got caught in your chair. I helped you untangle it and you smiled at me. My heart did a somersault in my chest.”

Jenny shared a compilation video of all these scenes, saying, “Where is my SAG card??”

Were you able to spot all these scenes when you first watched the films?

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