Dune: Part Two is happening!

The recent film adaptation of the 1965 novel has been confirmed to spawn a sequel, according to its production company Legendary Entertainment. Warner Bros. is set to distribute the film and help finance it, while Legendary remains the primary backer of the movie as well as owner of the film rights to the book series. 

The sequel is slated for an October 20, 2023 exclusive theatrical release with director, producer, and co-screenwriter Denis Villenueve returning to head the film. The exclusive theatrical release comes after its predecessor’s controversial hybrid release in theaters and HBO Max, a move by Warner Bros. that sparked outrage from Villenueve.

Though, it seems that in recent news, the tension between Villenueve and Warner Bros. has fizzled out. And for good reason.

Dune opened to the sweet tune of $41 million in the U.S. over the weekend, making it the best film opening of the year for Warner Bros. Worldwide, the sci-fi epic has earned almost $225 million. With strong performances from lead actors Timothée Chalamet and Zendaya, it’s safe to say that the film is well on its way to the Oscar’s.

Timothée Chalamet in ‘Dune’
Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures

With or without Dune‘s immense success however, Villaenueve had always expressed his intentions to make his adaptation of Frank Herbert’s novel two parts.

“I wanted at the beginning to do the two parts simultaneously,” Villanueve told Variety. “For several reasons, it didn’t happen, and I agreed to the challenge of making part one and then wait to see if the movie rings enough enthusiasm…As I was doing the first part, I really put all my passion into it, in case it would be the only one. But I’m optimistic.”

In another statement, Villanueve shared his gratitude for his filmmaking team. “It was a dream of mine to adapt Frank Herbert’s Dune and I have the fans, the cast, and crew, Legendary and Warner Bros. to thank for supporting this dream. This is only the beginning,” he said.

Aside from Dune: Part Two, it’s more than likely that fans can look forward to a number of sequels from the series. The Dune universe currently spans across six original books.

Art Daniella Sison

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