Emily in Paris: want to love it, can’t help but hate it

Over the past few weeks, Netflix’s new series Emily in Paris has been getting a lot of mixed reviews from audiences. The main character Emily (played by Lily Collins) moves to Paris to start her career as a social media strategist at an advertising agency based in Paris. With a huge cultural wall standing in between her career and love life, Emily navigates through the city of love and discovers life is not what it seems.

For those who loved Gossip Girl and Sex and the City, the series offers a similar vibe – mixing career, fashion, and (messy) relationships in the plotline. All of these happening in Paris. Sounds like every young girl’s dream, right?

However, critics and the French are not happy with the portrayal of French people and their culture. The show comes off out of touch and insensitive, as it tries to depict the French in every sad stereotype, with an American perspective swooping in to save the day. To top it off, the main character isn’t exactly the lovely protagonist you’d like to root for.

While there are many things to dislike about Emily in Paris, there are also many things to like about it:

What’s your verdict on Emily in Paris?


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