Emily will Embrace More of Paris in Season 2

Emily in Paris was arguably one of the most-watched Netflix series in quarantine. The streaming giant already announced they gave the green light for a second season back in November and the cast began shooting earlier this year. Creator Darren Star reveals what to expect in this renewal.   

Backlash from the First Season

The main critique the series received was about how cliché Emily’s experience was. French viewers pointed out that it barely explored their rich culture and had a glamorized portrayal of the city. But Star told Variety this was done on purpose. “I think, perhaps, a lot of viewers who lived in Paris for a long time didn’t quite understand that this was through the lens of a character who was experiencing the city for the first time. That’s how she was perceiving it – she was really struck by the beauty that was all around her.”

Embracing the City of Paris

Emily will be embracing the city a little more now that she has adapted to her environment. She’ll still continue to adjust and will be working on improving her French as Season 2 will focus less on her awe of the city. “When she got there, she got a bit of a free pass in the beginning and I don’t think it will be quite as easy for her in the second season. I think she will be more assimilated, in terms of living in Paris and stepping up to the challenges of learning the language,” Star continues.

Despite the mixed reviews from the viewers, it was nominated for Best Musical or Comedy Series in the 2021 Golden Globes Awards. Lily Collins also got nominated as Best Actress in a Musical or Comedy or Series for portraying Emily Cooper. They’ve begun shooting in Paris, St. Tropez, and other parts of southern France and we’re told unexpected storylines await in Season 2.


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