Fans rally behind Logan Lerman as Disney Plus’ ‘Percy Jackson’ casting begins

Fans rally behind Logan Lerman as Disney Plus’ 'Percy Jackson' casting begins
(Images: Rotten Tomatoes; @LoganLerman)

Lerman may be too old to play a teen Percy Jackson anymore, but that isn’t stopping fans from urging him to play the “daddy.”

Last April 27, fans were greeted by the good news that Disney Plus’ Percy Jackson and the Olympians exclusive series has officially begun looking for its lead role

None other than author Rick Riordan revealed the news about the search on his social media, who added that the studio is “looking for an actor who can ‘play 12.’” This suggests that production has sped up, but also that the original Percy Jackson actor, Logan Lerman, has outgrown the demi-god role. 

But that isn’t stopping obsessed Olympians fan to campaign on Lerman’s behalf, taking to Twitter to make Lerman’s name trend while urging producers to cast the now-29-years-old actor as Poseidon, Percy Jackson’s father, instead. After all, Lerman did share to Entertainment Tonight that he’d “definitely consider” joining the series if the chance arises.

Meanwhile, other Twitter users are just happy to see Logan Lerman be a part of the series in any capacity. Even just a cameo would count as a huge fan service at this point!

While the cries of fans are deafening, the cards are still stacked against Lerman reprising his role, though. That’s because Riordan has been very vocal about his disdain over the original Percy Jackson movies, writing (and then deleting) on Twitter that it wasn’t the fault of the actors who “got dragged into that mess.” Yikes.

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The odds are slim, but never leave Lerman out. Fingers crossed we still see him in the episodic reboot!

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