Get in the Father’s Day Spirit With These Movies About Fatherly Love

Father’s Day is coming up, and it’s the perfect time to hang out with your dad or any father figures in your life to binge some of the movies perfect for the occasion. Here are some picks from a variety of genres that will have you appreciating the fatherly love in your life:

Like Father

Get in the Father's Day Spirit With These Movies About Fatherly Love

When a woman gets left at the altar, she drunkenly decides to go on her honeymoon cruise with the last person she expects: her estranged father who showed up at her wedding. Now stuck on a cruise with him, she finds herself forming a bond with him. This heartfelt comedy explores the forgiveness and healing the two characters find as they form a father-daughter bond that they thought they lost forever. 

Big Fish

In this adventure film, when Will finds out his father is dying, he and his wife return to his hometown to help take care of him. Even on his deathbed, the father continues to tell unbelievable stories of his past that Will has grown tired of after hearing them all his life. As Will questions and investigates the credibility of these stories, he learns not only whether or not they were true but what they revealed about his father and his love for Will and others.

Finding Nemo

Watch Finding Nemo | Full Movie | Disney+

This Pixar classic is also a Father’s Day must-see. When Marlin loses Nemo, he learns a lot about his relationship with his son and how he can be a better father during his quest to find him. It might be a kids’ movie that everyone has seen before, but no amount of rewatches will make you grow tired of Marlin’s devotion to finding Nemo and the funny but heartwarming adventure that it results in. 

Beautiful Boy

When a teenage boy who seems to have it all starts to lose his grip on life after he gets addicted to meth, his father does everything he can to save him. In this biographical drama that deals with how addiction affects the family, the father-son dynamic becomes the central focus in depicting the lengths people will go and the boundaries they ignore when trying to hold on to the people they love the most. 

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

In this superhero flick, Miles’ relationships with the father figures in his life are some of the most important driving forces of the story. His strained relationship with his dad who wants the best for him, his bond with the cool and carefree uncle who he idolizes, or his friendship with his new mentor and fellow Spidey Peter B. Parker are all vital parts of Miles’ journey in finding and trusting in who he is as a hero.


Shortly after his wife’s death, Hal comes out at the age of 75 and begins living his life as a gay man, participating in the LGBTQ+ community and finding love. Being able to openly be himself allows him to be more honest with his son, and the two grow closer as they navigate what this new part of their life means. In the future, as the son meets a girl, it’s those memories of his father’s life after coming out that give him the courage and insight in his pursuit for her. This romantic comedy is told through flashbacks of his father as he tries to woo the girl in the present timeline. 


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