Globe Studios head Quark Henares speaks up on alleged sexual misconduct on ‘Gaya sa Pelikula’

Globe Studios head Quark Henares took to social media to address the issue surrounding the hit actor and the writer behind the hit Boys’ Love series “Gaya Sa Pelikula.” 

Last Sunday, June 20, Paolo Pangilinan bravely came forward to tell how he was harassed by someone in power whom he as part of the LGBT+ community, claim to be an ally. 

While he did not go into details, several fans of the show believe Pangilinan was referring to Juan Miguel Severo, the writer of the hit BL series for which he stars in. 

He likewise warned his harasser to stay where he is currently hiding because he is waiting for him. Coincidentally, Severo had deactivated on Twitter.

See his tweets below: 

Meanwhile, Henares stepped up to shed light on the issue at hand. 

Before narrating how the recent events had affected him, Henares made a disclaimer that his views and opinions on the issue do not, in any way, represent the company or the corporation he is working for.   

“Just want to say that what I’m about to share does not represent any company or corporation, and really just comes from me as a producer, an ally, a person,” Henares began. 

Admitting the past couple of days had not been easy for him, he said: “The past two days have been very long, difficult, and full of tears. They’ve been heavy on all of us, and I think I have to let it out.”

Henares went on to share what transpired between those days the issue came to light. 

“I’ve witnessed how one person’s acts can affect a whole community. I watched a whole room full of people cry, recent events bringing out painful memories or feelings of helplessness. People blaming themselves  because they felt they failed those they swore they’d protect,” he said.

Nonetheless, Henares said he feels proud of what he had accomplished through the Globe Studios project. 

“One of the proudest things I’ve ever done was become part of a BL series. It was sweet, and feelgood, and touching. But more importantly, it was able to achieve so much good,” he said. 

He added: “It inspired people. It empowered kids who were afraid to admit who they were. It advocated safe spaces for the LGBTQIA+ community.”

Then again, he admitted that the message of the show is in “danger” after the issue came to light. 

“Because of recent events, the message of that show has become endangered. It broke our hearts to see Stan accounts change their names, to see people struggling with what the show may have meant for them. To question the message, and how it made them feel,” he said. 

Although he did not mention any names, Henares asserted that he will not let himself work with anyone such as the person involved in the issue. 

“I know there is a lingering question, and it’s something I can only answer for myself. I will not work with anyone who uses their power to take advantage of anyone else. In any capacity,” he said. 

Henares then shared what he and the rest of them behind the show had reflected upon.

He said: “Yesterday we convened. Members of the family, as well as new friends who were about to take this journey with us. To talk. To assess. To reflect. Is our show bigger than one person? Can we really take our story back despite facing the greatest challenge we’ll ever face?”

“I’m honestly not sure. But I know that despite everything … atin pa rin ang kwento,” he continued.

In an interview with ABS-CBN News’ MJ Felipe last June 23, Henares initially said that they are gearing up for the second season of “Gaya Sa Pelikula.” 

But in light of recent events, the production team decided not to push through with it. 

“Season 2 was supposed to shoot next week. Now, we’re not so sure. Really depends on the fans, if we can all move past this,” Henares told ABS-CBN News. 

Felipe also asked Henares if there’s a possibility to have Severo replaced as writer of the show. 

“Gege (Severo) wrote the original scripts, but during the cast and crew meeting yesterday we all decided to change things and discuss re-writing the season as a team,” Henares said. 

While he has yet to give out specific details, Henares made a caveat, saying the team behind “Gaya Sa Pelikula” had decided to move on and find “something else to do together. 

“Hi everyone, need to caveat this. @PaoPangs wants to keep doing GSP. but we understand that you have been traumatized as well. We’ve considered moving on and finding something else to do together. but no matter what, we stand together,” he wrote in his tweet.

Directed by JP Habac, “Gaya Sa Pelikula” can be streamed on Netflix.


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