The long-running children’s TV show, Sesame Street, has been put in the spotlight recently after confusion pursued online about one of its main characters. While Big Bird has been hosting the program since it first aired in 1969, it’s news to many that the same yellow canary isn’t familiar to foreign audiences.

It all started when a user shared a Big Bird gif to a group of people in another country and a girl asked why he wasn’t blue. Being accustomed to seeing this yellow figure, naturally, the poster was baffled why she would ask that. That was the day he learned about the vast Sesame Street Universe because it turns out each country has its own version of this friendly fellow.

Big Bird later formally introduced the internet to his cousins on his verified Twitter account. They are in fact, different birds that flock together.


His Mexican cousin is not a total stranger to the US viewers, having visited the American Sesame Street for a couple of episodes.


The blue Big Bird the girl was referring to was actually his Dutch cousin, Pino. Although much younger than him, they’re about the same height which is a whopping 8’2.

Minik KuÅŸ

Witty as always, he couldn’t help but make a Turkey joke when introducing his Turkish cousin, Minik KuÅŸ. Ironically, his name translates as Little Bird.


Distance and time haven’t affected his connection with his cousin in Portugal. They may not have seen each other in a while but still passes his regards, nonetheless.

Little Bird

If there’s a Big Bird, it only makes sense that he also has a cousin that’s named Little Bird. Occasionally, this miniature yellow canary visits Sesame Street.


This picture may not be his best angle but there’s no need to be alarmed because Big Big assures his Brazilian cousin is a gentle creature.  

Wasn’t it a delight getting to know his international cousins? Big Bird courteously signed off after, thanking the viewers for learning about his family.

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