Historical K-Dramas that will make you laugh out loud

With its traditional costumes and palace landscapes, historical K-Dramas are almost like a genre in itself. These dramas give us a glimpse into Korea hundreds of years ago, and like how we view history classes in general, we might misjudge and think these dramas boring. That’s far from the truth. Historical K-Dramas tend to be exciting. They’re usually filled with drama and action and palace intrigue. 

But what if you just want to laugh? Should you still watch historical K-Dramas?

Lucky for you, here are three historical K-Dramas that will make you laugh out loud!

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Mr. Queen

Mr. Queen is a nice balance between palace politics and comedy! A present-day womanizer chef founds his consciousness transported way back in time into the body of a soon to be queen. You can just imagine the antics the queen gets into because of this body switch!

Watch on Viu here

Rooftop Prince

photo from Viki

Released way back in 2012, Rooftop Prince is an oldie but a goodie. Crown Prince Lee Gak gets transported 300 years into the future. While most of the scenes take place in 21st century Seoul, the historical aspect is still strong in this one. Just like Mr. Queen, the main character has to adjust to a world he knows nothing about. 

Watch on Netflix here

My Sassy Girl

Based on the popular romantic comedy movie of the same name, My Sassy Girl remakes the original with a twist since this K-Drama is set in the Joseon era. Just like the movie, the story starts with the female lead, who is a princess, getting drunk. It’s not soon after that a Joseon scholar’s life is turned upside down when she accuses him of something. 

Watch on Netflix here.

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Art Daniella Sison

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